Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheer Up, Charlie - You've Got a Golden Ticket

I just have a tiny bit to say about the Charlie Frye trade: He's coming from an abysmal situaltion in Cleveland. His line sucks, the coaching sucks, (they pick their starter with coin flip? IDIOTS!!!) the city sucks, and he would eventually be replaced by an ambiguously gay Brady Quinn.

Now he's going to a legit Super Bowl contender, the best QB-mentoring head coach in the business (with three hall of fame students in his wake), and just the right amount of time behind the 1st and 2nd string QB's in front of him to develop into a damn fine, prepared QB.

I had this idea to point out the similarities between Charlie Frye and Charlie the lame orphan kid that takes over a whole fucking chocolate factory, but I got sidetracked when I found this classic clip you see below.

It's much better than anything I had to write anyway.

Here's to Frye making the best of this golden freaking opportunity!


  1. LOL...that's hillarious.

    I wonder if at training camp, Charlie had to sleep in the same bed as Grandpa Romeo and his wife??!!

  2. Screw you and your youtube...

    Oh, and Quinn is not ambiguously gay, he's gay. Holding other mens dicks will do that for ya.

    Also, I'm borrowing your cheese steak recipe either this Sunday or next, thanks. Now I'm ambiguously gay, borrowing recipes is gay, cheese steaks are inherently not.

    I'll try to get you back with a fish taco recipe that will blow your mind, in the straightest way possible.

  3. Hey, why don't we all join an Oprah Book Club while we're at it??!!

    (too bad we don't live closer, or we could also arrange a Pampered Chef party!)