Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Genocide, Suicide and Bengalcide

Week Two saw the ouster of over half of the 12SS Survival Pool.

Seven were by Suicide (failure to submit a pick) and the remaining Genocide that claimed 16 contestants, included seven that succumbed to Bengalcide, as Cleveland outgunned Cincinnati at the "OH" Corral.

(NOTE: medical examiners are still investigating whether Boke's pick of the Giants should be listed as a suicide!)

Just to remind everyone, I'm the guy who posts pictures of hot chicks in boxing gloves, not your mother, so don't wait for me to chase you down to get your picks in, especially since Drew Brees and the Saints got my ass kicked out of this pool.

The NY Post Line below is provided to help you make your picks, but please remember that point spreads are not used in this pool.

(click image to enlarge)

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Pool Rules

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DeepSeaHawks (New Orleans)
watchdog (no selection)
Will He Stay Conscious? (New Orleans)
a schlub from the steel city (Cincinnati)
thebritisharecoming (no slection)
Ghost Rider (Cincinnati)
lil doc (Cincinnati)
DontSleep (no slection)
cheezewhizznv (Seattle)
b.c. hawk (no slection)
Slothful Pirates (Cincinnati)
boke's amazing picks (NY Giants)
Seahawk fan in NYC (Cincinnati)
Kenber (Carolina)
Vancouver Seahawk (Carolina)
Boozing in Boulder (Cincinnati)
I Win ECBR (no slection)
blacktie (no slection)
sa37hawk (Cincinnati)
alba (New Orleans)
Hawkcrazy (Philadelphia)
Go Big Red (Carolina)
2*2*2 (no slection)

SeaTown206 (no selection)
CitizenK (Kansas City)
Frank (Kansas City)
PaulieP (Oakland)
UK Sub (Jacksonville)
SimpleHawk (Buffalo)

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