Thursday, December 07, 2006

Beware of the Trap

There is something about this game that makes me extremely nervous. I kind of felt the whole time that we would beat the Broncos I never thought we would for a second think that we would not win and that’s the honest truth. But this game against a 3-9 Cardinals game makes me nervous. Seriously I have turned into adp this week with my nervousness.

The Seahawks are clearly the better team on paper, and talent wise and should probably beat the Cardinals in every aspect of the game but I can’t seem to get rid of the jitters. Maybe its because the Seahawks don’t play as well on the road as they do at home, or maybe its because we are coming off a big win and kind of expect a let down against a inferior opponent, no it’s the former.

For one the Hawks are crazy inconsistent, Fitzgerald and Boldin will kill us if we can’t learn how to tackle damn it. I swear Trufant is the only guy on that team who knows how to tackle. The Cards have been operating a lot more out of the gun since Leinart got the job and that will make it harder to get pressure, and without pressure the Cards have all the skill positions to tear any defense apart. So we need to stop the Cards and get a win, they aren’t going anywhere but boy would they love to tear our season apart.

This is the most important game of the season so far. With a win and a 49ers loss we clinch the division for the third year in a row, but more importantly Dallas and New Orleans are playing each other this week. If we win this game based on the Cowboys, Saints game we will either be in the drivers seat for the 2nd seed in the playoffs or have Dallas off of our backs I want the 2nd seed so go Cowboys.

Lets take advantage of this lets get a win. We are the better team we need to show it on Sunday for 4 quarters. We should win convincingly but I am still nervous. Beware of the trap. Beat the Cardinals take destiny into our own hands.

Only good thing is last time I was this nervous about a trap game we won 42-0 against the Eagles last year, lets get the same results.

Quick Keys to the Game

Run the Ball
Be balanced: I mean when I say run the ball don't do it 6 times in a row like in Denver.

Bring Pressure


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself, meeze!

    This game will go a long way toward defining this team and what we can expect in the playoffs. If they go to AZ and take care of business, as they should, then we can be hopefully for another good run.

    However, if they relax and either win another nail-biter, or heaven forbid LOSE, then we might be looking at another disappointing one-and-done playoff appearance.

    I hate to put so much pressure on this one game, but if the 49ers come into Qwest on Thursday with a glimmer of hope of taking the division from us, it'll be a much tougher game, so THIS game is important for THAT one as well.

  2. Take a deep breath Meez. And exhale. Better? Keys to the game are Maddenish and beautiful. I agree, this game is important, in both this season, and IMO, next too. Cards on a roll is bad for the Hawks, even if the roll can't go anywhere, it establishes momentum. Division sweeps are bad-ass, losing to the Whiners was bad, losing to the Tardinals would be worse I think.

  3. Sorry, I believe the key to this game is the passing game getting back on track, without it Shaun will never get a shot because the Cards will be able to shut down the run by concentrating on of the reasons the Denver game was so difficult.

    The reciever must catch the ball and Stevens must begin to perform to his abilities.

  4. I don't think we will have any problems with the " Drunken Mall Santas". This game should allow Hass & SA the chance to shake off a little more rust.

  5. well the hawks do use the pass to open up for the run but this team is better when we give the ball to Alexander plus it keep the defense off the field which makes them better.

  6. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Seahawks will win this game.

    Of course, that's what I was thinking before the Minnesota and San Francisco games. Damn, why must I fret over every friggin' game this team plays? Jeez. Anyway, as long as the Seahawks keep it to 2 turnovers or less, we'll win for sure. I think that number will have an effect on how the rest of the game plays out.

  7. History dictates that this will be a fast paced start, offensively.

    Turning the greenlight on for blitzes this week was a great idea. Our 4 man rush was good, but that was when Rocky was fully healthy, and when we had Tubbs. Time to blitz Peterson more. Our corners have done pretty good in run coverage, so the screen (or screen variation) may start to fade from opponents' playbooks.

    Ive been defending Trufant all year, and the coaches are in the same boat. So many people have gotten on him this year, but hes doing fine. I trust him...but this will be a test. Blitzing wont get to Leinart though...but without the oline, maybe LITERALLY itll get to Leinart. That in turn will help the secondary.

    Edge is not a guy who has ever broken huge runs, so blitzing without our best run stuffer shouldnt be a problem in terms of a freak run play breaking off. Id still keep the safeties back though, unless JP drops into a coverage and you feel lucky with Hamlin.

    There are only two things that would make me upset as a result of this game:

    1. We lose.
    2. Our offense struggles.

    I highly doubt either will happen. Normally I wouldnt say a 3-9 team is a trap game, BUT at this point, they havent nothing to play for...might as well get respect by beatinhg one of the best teams out there, when healthy. The question is...are they mentally tough to not give in and at least play for moral victories? I think not.

    I say we blow them out, but who knows. Its one of those we SHOULD...but who knows how our skitzo hawks are flying.

  8. Wow adp isn' nervous thats a first.

    I don't know if its just me but I don't think we usually blitz JP. He's usually just lines up as a down linemen and beats the tackle.

  9. I think JP just lines up at D end when the 'Hawks go to their nickel package, meez, but you're right, from what I've seen, Tatupu and Hill blitz more than JP.

  10. Here's Peter King's "brilliant" take on the game:

    Seattle (8-4) at Arizona (3-9)
    Game of the day. It's too late to save Denny Green's job, but real-deal Matt Leinart gives the mega-frustrated Cardinals fans reason to pay attention this month. He's masterful in out-dueling Matt Hasselbeck.
    Arizona 27, Seattle 25

    That last sentence just made me laugh out loud.

  11. Now who is laughing, Mike? It was a trap game for Az. They should have scored 38 against that D. Without last year's sked blip, the Pigeons are below .500 for "the Genius" and he is fired.

  12. God I hate being right sometimes. I hate being one of those knee-jerk pessimists out there, but I think it's pretty obvious now that this team is just far too inconsistent for any kind of playoff run. This team has tons of heart and talent, but just not enough toughness or focus to be a real contender. Well, the Seahawks have 3 weeks and the playoffs to prove me wrong, I guess.

    I hope they do.