Sunday, December 03, 2006

What I Learned From... Punking an Old Rival Today

I usually post some introductory crap here, but I'm just gonna cut to the list:

1. The Seahawks just won. IN DENVER.
2. There isn't a kicker in the NFL I'd rather have over Josh Brown.
3. Josh brown should treat every FG kick like a game winner.
4. If Josh Brown hit the early misses, the Seahawks could have taken a knee instead of another time out.
5. This team usually wins the ugly games.
6. There needs to be a better backup to a 90 year-old fullback than a 3rd string TE.
7. The commentary by John Madden on Hasselbeck's throwing mechanics it true, but WAY overblown, and the final drive proved it.
8. I still haven't learned why the fellas in the secondary can't tackle.
9. Holmgren should consider giving the halftime speeches before the game.
10. I think teams may have figured out Lofa Tatupu.
11. You heard it here first: Shaun Alexander has lost a step.
12. Holmgren secretly kicks himself for putting Leonard Weaver on IR.
13. Darryl Tapp deserves more playing time. Until then, teams will continue to prosper by running at Wistrom.
14. If Russell Davis gets hurt, this defense will give up rushing yards in egregious bunches.
15. Can I hear an AMEN for Ryan Plackemeier getting a game ball?

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  1. I like this Bloof!

    With these report cards, watching the game has become "edu-tainment!"

  2. well said bloof!

    good catch on russell davis. in the second half he was BALLIN! the backside pursuit was really, really good in the second half.

    the point you made about lofa definitely has great truth to it. the only thing i'd add is, just like zach thomas, brian urlacher, or dan morgan, when you keep linemen off them they're great. if you don't, they're only decent to good.

    the fullback situation is this year's safety position where we went through hamlin, manuel, howell, and finally pruitt.

  3. Nice post Bloof! I thought Russ Davis was a manly man as well.

    About SA I kind of expected him to look like he did. I do a lot of hard core mountain biking and after sitting out a while in the winter I ride strong the first time out, next time I have dead legs and then get stronger. Alexander loked like he had dead legs. I didn't see the usual explosive burst through the holes. Still he had 90 yrds which is fairly amazing. I imagine lugging the rock 40 times last Monday took its toll as well. I expect him to look real good next week as he gets stronger.

  4. You know, this might seem like a very very minor detail in the overall scheme of things...

    but on the winning FG, did you see the way Plackemeier spun that ball for Josh to boot? That was slick. I like that kid, we definately need to keep him on for the future.

  5. I saw that, too. Plack is a damn good holder, especially considering some of the comments about the new long snapper, Rackley. Holms said he had a different snapping method in Tampa than what they are asking him to do in Seattle, and sometimes in the heat of battle he reverts to the old way, but Plack does a good job fixing it. All in all, between the three of them, Rack, Plack, and Brown, they make a great unit.

    Regarding Alexander: Rocky, you may be right. There was limited acceleration in his strides. That makes sense to me, it takes a while to get to where you can rebound from performances like that, not to mention the fact that he is the oldest player in the history of the NFL with 40 carries. WOW, that's some perspecive, I thought, when I heard that last night.

  6. Plus they were in the Mile High City, where you're not going to get as much oxygen. NFL players don't have enough time to get acclimated to it, so the road teams almost never perform as well as they usually do. I moved from 150 feet above sea level Salem, OR to 4,800 feet above sea level Fort Collins, CO to go to college, and it took me a few weeks to get used to the altitude difference, and I wasn't even playing football.

  7. lat year we gang tackled this year we turned into last years Chiefs and let one guy try to tackle and the rest of the team watch. Why?

    When this team needs to go and get it done they always seem to do it!!

    Holmgrens half time speeches are damn good.

  8. Blue hearts Josh Brown. Mancrush. Gaylove. Abomination before God, like clams and shrimp.

    Oh, and number 11, you take that back. You take that back NOW!!!

  9. "Holms said he had a different snapping method in Tampa than what they are asking him to do in Seattle"

    Care to elaborate on that?

  10. It was in the audio podcast from Sando, Holmgren didn't elaborate. That's pretty much all he said.

  11. In Seattle the holder calls the snap, in Tampa the snapper does it on his count. Tampa's way is sneakier, Seattles way is safer. You can tell that Tampa's way is effective by checking the score in last weeks game. They got a field goal, mission accomplished. insert smiley with frown or tongue out and x's for eyes here