Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Congratulations SquareHead!

Lost in the last second victory over the Donkos last week wass the fact that we have a new Champion in the second half Knock Out pool, so take a minute to congratulate SquareHead for outlasting the competition.

For some odd reason, first round Champ CalFan decided to go with the Raiders this week, TO WIN, and challenger RockySeahawk was undone by the Browns upset victory over the Chiefs.

It pains me a little to give SquareHead this award though, as he won it by betting on the Stealers. However, given the scarcity of Pittsburgh victories this year, I guess he deserves credit for choosing them on a week that they actually show up to play.

This should do it for scantily clad women in boxing ring settings this season. Thanks to everyone for participating.

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  1. The guy behind her12/07/2006 02:54:00 PM

    I'm gay!

  2. Actually, the guy behind "her" is the only one who knows for sure if "she" is a man or not! I think he's trying to divert his eyes from the "frank and beans" tucked in behind "her".

  3. Dang, Cher has put on weight!