Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Power of the 12th Man

I must be the only one not pissed off by the Hawks game.

Let it be known, from this day forth, I have the absolute coolest daughter on the planet. You see, I am, was rather, a Qwest virgin.

I know, I know, you guy’s are thinking... WHA….??!

“The MaxHawk” has never been violated at the Qwest??

No my Com-padres, as hard as is to believe, the incredulous “MaxHawk” had, until Sunday, never gone into the military zone.

I was set to spend Seahawks Sunday “AND” Christmas Eve with my first offspring, which in it self is a double bonus for me. Bar hop’n Pioneer Square & hooking up with the girl and the Groz from KJR Sports Radio at the J&M. Sounds like a riot to me. I figure the brat can finally see what a nut case her father is at the “Suds House” when the Hawks are battling.

Oh she’d seen me watch the game at home many a time and tilted an Irish toast or two with me at the beer swillin’ meat market but hadn’t the chance to see the real deal when I’m stirring the patrons up at the local watering hole during the game.

When I arrived at the pub to meet my long lost girl, she slapped me…………………..
With two tickets to the Charger game.

Third row up, just below the Crows Nest in the corner of the end zone. Sir Alexander ran that TD right up my alley. Saw the hole open from around twenty-five yards out, saw him burn the turf right down our throat for the score.

Bitch’n seats.

Now how in Sam Shiester can I be the loudest guy at the bar, when I’m at the game getting snuffed by 68,000 screaming Maniacs? Damn it Man!

Guy’s… she doesn’t even like football…. And she took me to the house. She sat there, in the pourin’ rain for three and a half-hours, watching her freak father unload his terror, along with the rest of the Seahawk faithful, on the Charger offense.

THAT, is the coolest part of that, my friends.

That is why I am giving the MaxVP award to the fans for this game. We were a solid factor in giving the Seahawk defense 40 yards of offense. Tipping the scales of the NFL leading 50, count’m, 50 false start penalties against opponents with Minnesota trailing 2nd at a distant 37.

While I may have been a Qwest virgin, I have spent many a day in the Temple of Doom. I know what loud is.

EX Seahawk and KIRO play by play man, Steve Raible, claimed during that controversial “Can you hear us now” Giants game, “This place has to be as loud as the Kingdome”.

As much respect as I have for Steve, I was ever skeptical. I know first hand how loud a Jet engine was in the Kingdome. Heard it damn near every game I attended.
I don’t see how it could have gotten any louder in the stadium than it was on Sunday. It was, plainly put, nipple hard loud.

Was it as loud as the dome? No.

However, it was close. It just didn’t have the same snap in it that the old girl had in her. We are the loudest outdoor Stadium in the NFL, they all admit to that.
I’d say, “with 50 false start penalties, WE ARE THE LOUDEST STADIUM IN THE NFL!!

Pipe that noise out ch’yer Keister.

With fans like Heather, making sure that the loudest guy she knew was at the game, giving support to our boys in neon green and blue and helping to make us the best fans of all ‘cause my big ass mouth finally showed up.

It’s just one more in a long line of reasons, that that the fans won this game, even if the Hawks didn’t.

We kicked San Diego’s asses, plain and simple. The 12th man did not lose this game.

Punky, I’ve seriously got years worth of bragging right’s over that little stunt.
This is my best Christmas ever, I’m such a lucky dog.

Hope y’all have a MaxHawk Christmas like I did.

Thanks Brat, you just made a really great memory. How cool are you?

Oh and uhhh…. I’m still wearing the ticket.

A very humbled, MaxHawk, 12 Street Writer

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  1. Great piece Max.

    I too broke Qwest cherry this season, attending the Rams game.

    I had been to the Dome once before, and seen the Hawks several times on the road, at New England, the Meadowlands and most recently, at Monster Park last season.

    Now I'm teetering on making the flight out for the Wild Card playoff round.

    Nothing like seeing your favorite team AT HOME!

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  3. Thanks, Pete, but we've been down that road. We have the audience we want, the best. Good luck with your endeavor.

  4. My voice is finally coming back to normal today after Sundays game. Too bad Holmy had to go all conservative and blow the damned game for us.

  5. My voice is finally coming back to normal today after Sundays game. Too bad Holmy had to go all conservative and blow the damned game for us.

    Pirate how exactly did Holmgren blow the game for us. If I remember right we had a 4 point lead and the defense blew it.

    the 3 run plays in a row was the right idea. Our recievers were dropping balls left and right and we were deep in our zone why stop the clock. Run the ball maybe you get a 1st down and if not punt it and let your defense hold.

    I agreed with Holmgren he didn't lose that game.

  6. Thanx, Alba. Don't teeter too long, Tix are probably going pretty damned fast.
    Bloof, That may give the impression that we don't want anymore people to become involved with our site.

    Pete, we are a buncha good ole boy's with only one known trouble maker. When I was admin at another sports site, I dealt with many difficult people and it zaps the fun right out of a site. It's the sole reason I resigned from the other site. A couple of years of stress will do that to a guy. I suppose as people trickle in, they get the jist of what we're about and kinda go with the flow.

  7. Right, Max. Quality, not quantity. We have enough hidden meta tags in this site that people who are truly, deeply interested in this as a subject will find it via search engine. Have you noticed how much we get to talk about football, and how little we need to moderate? I think we found a nice balance.

  8. I agree, Meezy. Branch accepted full responsibilty for losing that game after he dropped 4 passes. 3 of which would have been 3rd down conversions. He stated that had he stalled three drives. If one would have resulted in a TD, Boulware wouldn't have mattered. I'm not sure how many of you saw Micheal on his knee's with his head down in the endzone. You could tell he was hurt for letting his team and us down. His head was bobbing like he was literally crying. I don't think you bench Boulware. Mike stuck with Stevens far longer than Boulware, and Stevens, IMO, deserved to be benched far more.

  9. Moderate? Hell, I haven't even had to use such profanity around here...Tho I have seen a case or two that needed the woodshed. Bloof, do you ban IP's

  10. I won't answer that. No sense in giving the robbers the treasure map.