Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week 14: Cardinals 27, Seahawks 21 - Choke Job at the Pink Taco

It's 2004 all over again ...

I keep bringing up the 2004 Seahawks because this year's team plays so much like them. So much talent ... yet can't play defense or play well on the road (including a loss in Arizona). I've got to do my Dennis Green impersonation here ... give me a sec ...


You can't give up 14 points off of turnovers in a tight game and expect to win. I don't care if you are playing the Cardinals, YOU CAN NOT DO THAT! You can't be minus 2 in turnover differential against a team that wants to ruin your season in their house. If the Seahawks didn't lose three fumbles, it's 21-13 Seahawks at least, possibly 28-13 or even 35-13. The last fumble by Mack Strong killed all the Seahawks' momentum ... and the underachieving defense gave the Cardinals the lead back.

Another thing about the (lack of) defense, HOW THE F--- CAN YOU HAVE ZERO SACKS AGAINST THE CARDINALS?!?!?!? I know people are saying the Cards have improved their O-line in the past couple of weeks, but not getting a single sack and barely any pressure on Leinart???

It's not all the defense's fault of course. As mentioned above, the lost fumbles (Hass, SA, Strong), along with the drops (D-Jack, Mo, Hackett) and the three sacks at the most inopportune times (3rd and 12) also helped lose the game. (Note to Deion Branch: when you catch a ball short of the first down, stretch BEFORE you hit the ground, not after.)

Yet after throwing away a chance to clinch the division today, the 'Hawks can still clinch the division by beating the 49ers at Qwest Field on Thursday night. (I love the NFC Worst West!)

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  1. It was not a choke. The Pigeons are a legitimate .500 team.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more Mike, although seeing that comment from Realist above pains me to do so.

    As a matter of fact, I went a step further on the Seahawks FanHouse, with a little tough love piece.

    And it's a shame that Deion Branch didn't get that 1st down. It looked like he had a great chance when he caught the ball. And don't be so hard on him for stretching it over the mark after being tackled, he may have seen that work in the Super Bowl last year and thought it was legal!

  3. I've waited my whole life to see someone write " Choke job at the pink taco"
    Too bad it was accompanied by a loss.

  4. Nice Rockt, nice.

    Sup realist, hows the rehab going?

  5. Nice job, Mike. I have been silent the past couple of weeks.(lucky you'z guy'z) That game was not Mack's Fault. That man lost 5 fumbles out of 8 drops in thirteen years. Our D sould have rectified the problem immediatly to ice the game..

  6. Max, I wasn't blaming Mack for the loss, but you could see the momentum completely shift from the 'Hawks to the Cards after the fumble. There was plenty of blame to go around, and I gave it to everyone who needed it.

  7. I didn't mean to suggest that you blamed Mack, Mike. That was the turning point of momentum and it in no way should have been. The air was let out of the defensive sails at that moment. Thimgs have been so close, so negligable to the flip flop line this season that some of the instances that could have fallen either way, have fallen away. I just wanted it clear that no one should lay blame on Mack. We had a strong lead at that point in the game, going for the ice. Then we slipped.