Sunday, December 10, 2006

What I Learned From... Playing Down to the Level of My Opponent

1. Matt Hasselbeck is a true competitor.
2. No matter how much talent and heart you have, you can't expect to pull a magical, game winning drive out of your ass every 4th quarter. Sometimes you need to win in the 3rd.
3. During a booth review, Julian Peterson was laughing and bumping around with Cardinals players on the field, right after it became apparent that the Seahawks were going to lose. JP, where is your shame? Wipe that grin off your face. I want some accountablity here, dammit.
4. I sincerely believe that Matt Hasselbeck was one of the few players on the field after the game that was truly pissed about losing.
5. Josh Brown splitting the uprights--on a kickoff--was a moment I will remember forever.
6. Sucker-punching an opponent after they get a touchdown is abysmal, classless Bull$hit. Adrian Wilson, you are a piece of crap.
7. Seattle recievers CAN catch the ball. This week.
8. In the 3rd quarter, Holmgren got away from the run, and the game got away from Holmgren. If he stuck with the run, Dennis Green would be updating his resume this evening.
9. DJ Hackett is an emerging star, period.
10. This team needs to improve at RG and RT, period.
11. NFL refs are finally making good decisions deciding what plays deserve a booth review.
12. Julian Peterson has rediculous talent, but I am beginning to wonder if he has the fire to lead this defense through the playoffs. Just wondering.
14. Rocky Bernard is hurting.
15. I'm pissed. Just pissed. Pissed that this team has the mysterious ablity to 'turn it on the end', but they know it, took it for granted, and came up short. Pissed, I tell you.
16. Running a 17 yard route on 4th-and-20 leaves something to be desired.
17. Arizona is a team on the rise. (They have to be. They couldn't go any lower, and they won a game.)

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  1. I'm pissed see ya'll thursday I'm gonna stop with the sports this week. Got finals coming up too.

    Don't know whats wrong with the offense but thats what's killing us no matter how many tackles we miss on defense.

  2. Thats the route I take when our team loses a game like this, meezy. Cya then.

    Blue you forgot the other punch, where Milbert Brown punched Lofa Tatupu BLATANTLY...I was stunned to see that. Also, when Leinart was gonna snap to knee it to end the game, he clearly faked the hike a few times like he was toying with the Seahawks. How else do you explain taking almost the entire play clock just to take a knee. What a classless team. I have no respect for them.

    Also, along with Hass...the only guy I notcied who was pissed was Bryce Fisher. Russell Davis didn't seem too happy either.

    You cant geta sack on the Cards?!!? I know they were holding ALOT, but come on...and yes, they were holding...very blatant holding...

    How about Okeafor getting the huge sack? Of all people. Im telling you the Josh Brown FG miss that hit all 3 uprgiths awhile back was an omen of things to come...this has been a tough season.

    Im not giving up yet...I said after Hass returned that the 49er game is where they shoudl start clicking. Still, even a pathetic Seahawks team can beat the Cards. Inexcusable.

    I wanna go play on their team. Seriously. You want fire? Oh boyyyyyyyyyyyy do I HATE LOSING!!!> Argh! Especially to inferior bottomfeeding classless punks.

  3. Also, Peterson had another good game.

    Trufant however, has been very impressive this season. I know people think hes sucks, but come're missing alot of things hes doing. Its like people are looking for the negatives in his game. He had a great game outside the slipping in coverage. (Some people say he was pushed, but Fox never showed a replay here).

    I guess thats what happens when you have participated in every practice for the first time in your career. Trufant has definitely taken a step forward this year. Contract year? Or just healthy? Hard to tell. Lucas did great in his contract year...and did great after signing a new one. I personally want Trufant back because our lack of options.

    Josh Brown and Trufant are MUSTS. With the money we have...signing NAte Clements might not be out of the question. But I personally think our struggles in the secondary stem from bad blitzing, playcalling, and weird schemes as opposed to lack of talent.

  4. Bloof - I love this new weekly feature, even though it sucks to have to lose to the Cardinals.

    And for your information, my parents were married when I was conceived! You can tell Stupid Orange Cat that too!


  5. "Matt Hasselbeck is a true competitor." I know I haven't seen a dude just stand there and take a sack on 3rd and 12 w/ less than a minute to go since Drew Bledsoe, also that retarded fumble play that he made in the first half, awesome. Dude had a bad game yesterday, and yes he leads us on 2 minute comeback drives, but if he didn't screw up so bad during the first 3 quarters than maybe he wouldn't have to put together 2 minute drills. That loss sits squarely on Matt's shoulders, no pro bowl this year baldy.

  6. BigO, Matt had a 133.5 passer rating for the game, the second highest of his career. I don't see the "bad game" you are talking about. In your quest for a scapegoat, I would suggest another target.

  7. This game comes down to the fact that the Cardinals wanted it more. Nobody on our team really had a bad game (well....maybe except for Big Mack), but no one really stepped up and made a play to put us over, either.

    Punting on 4th and Inches late in the game still really bugs me, even if we were still in our own territory, and there was plenty of time to score again. It wasn't a real big deal, but it symbolizes the whole game for us. We didn't do enough to win.

  8. You can't fault Holms for not going for it from the Card's 30-yard line. That's just suicide.

  9. I'm not looking for a scapegoat. A passer rating won't help you when you look like Jon Kitna out there puttin the ball on the ground. It also won't help you takin a sack on 3rd and 12 w/ a minute left in the game. It wasn't all Matt's fault but you can't do stupid crap like that if you want to win. Other problems are same old same old w/ regards to the playcall, stop running the stretch play period, on 4th and 1 run a hb lead up the gut, I mean if Holmgren thinks Stong is such a great blocker why then on 4th and short doesn't he run a Blast, Lead or Sprint play? It's 4th and 1, if you had Strong and Alexander would you run a bullshit sweep or stretch play? I know Matt is sacred around this site and calling out his bad plays seem to be blasphemy but I call it like I see it. I think the playcall has been very predictable, the defense trash against the run and the pass, Trufant is a scrub, he got beat for TD's twice yesterday TWICE in the same game,Johnson made him look like a punk and Fitzgerald made him look like a woman. I hope that once his contract is up that he's gone, he's one of the worst DB's I have ever seen. You like your #'s and they are good to throw in someones face if they disagree w/ your take on the game but for Matt's stellar passer rating, he got an L.

  10. However, the opportunity that was missed was not excuting an on-side kick when we got the 20 extra yards from the two penalties.

    We were already near mid-field, and while watching JB split the uprights on a kickoff is a thing of beauty, it didn't really accomplish much.

    Do an on-side kick. Even if you don't recover it, it shows you're aggressively trying to win the game, and at most costs you 20 yards in field position. If you get the ball back, you build on the momentum of the previous touchdown.

    The Saints did it last night when they had the Cowboys on the rope, and it put the dagger through their hearts.

  11. Maybe if Hasslebeck was like Romo and half bla... never mind. Sup bitches. Probably was gonna be the 3 seed anyway, so this loss don't mean that much. Hear that kids, back off the ledge.

    Locklear needs to get on page ASAMFP. And as usual, sticking with the run probably would've helped.

  12. ok josch we get it, race yes, black, white, asian, etc. get a new schtick. Talk about beating a dead horse, just leave Barbaro alone.

  13. I'm keeping silent about this game. I didn't watch it as I was on my way back from Vancouver - but I was able to pick up the AM broadcast around the 3rd quarter - and was just disgusted with how I heard the game going.

    I have kept myself from watching highlights about the game and reading articles about the game. If the Seahawks want to give up on the game, then so will I. We'll just see how they respond with Thursday nights game.

  14. [Strrrrreeeeetch]

  15. *Faaaaaaaaaarrrrrrt*

  16. [Lights match, frowns disdainfully]

  17. BigO: I'm not sure you and I are watching the same team.

  18. Ok, just don't light that match on an airplane.

  19. :)

    So long as you don't flatulate on one.

  20. OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH! Looks like we're on the way to two losses in a week. All season I've been claiming that this team is different than the other teams that missed the playoffs the year after losing the big one (Superbowl). Now, it doesn't look so good.

    I mean. I'd like to think that this team can win the games that it has to have. For the most part, Hasselbeck is a clutch performer in close games. But, right now we're playing poorly. Period. End of story. And this really is San Diego's year. I'd like to be optimistic about the Tampa game too, but, there defense is always decent.

    We're in trouble now. I've had faith in this team for 2 years, but, right now we just aren't clicking like last years team that was able to beat some really solid teams like Indy... We just aren't clicking at all...and the unbeatable homefield advantage is disappearing...

  21. I said this game will definie them for i have no idea what to think. Beat the shit outta them, refs killed us relentlessly...i dunno what to think.

    We'll against San Diego because we've been Skitzo all year.

  22. I said this game will definie them for i have no idea what to think. Umm, yes, you do. To not really quote Denny, they aren't who we thought they were. I don't know why, but they aren't very good.

    refs killed us relentlessly Que South Park... Really? Really?

    Unless a dramatic turn around happens, this team does not have the heart to win in the playoffs.