Sunday, December 03, 2006

Seattle at Denver: Matchups Analysis

Historically, Denver has been something of a house of horrors for Seattle, especially during the Terrell Davis years. As a fan, you knew that Seattle’s defense knew that Denver was going to hand the ball to Davis running downhill. You knew that Seattle’s defense knew that on 3rd and long Denver would throw deep to Rod Smith. And, you knew that Seattle’s defense knew that they were powerless to stop it. Fortunately, this Sunday, with both teams at 7-4, and looking to establish new identities, none of that history is likely to matter much.

These are new times in
Denver. Mike Shanahan's decision to bench erstwhile golden boy Jake Plummer for rookie Jay Cutler has proven once again that the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy in town. Since this is a Seahawks blog I don’t care to get wrapped up in Denver's QB controversy but I will make one observation about Cutler. Rarely has a rookie QB entered the league with such anticipation without the benefit of most fans and analysts having seen him play many (if any) college games. Vanderbilt, the red-headed stepchild of the fabulously overhyped Southeastern Conference, rarely found itself on national TV. I watched Cutler with some regularity over the 2004 and 2005 seasons, living as I do here in Steve Spurrierville. Ironically, the QB Cutler reminds me of most is Jake Plummer (with a better arm); right down to his penchant for playing his team into games with his right arm and his guts, and out of games with killer picks forced in to double and triple coverage. I anticipate truly interesting times ahead for Bronco fans.

In this game, even the “homerest” of Seahawks homers would have to concede that it would be an upset for
Seattle to leave Denver with a win. Given its overall inconsistency there are too many "ifs" for Seattle to be favored. Denver has played better this year notwithstanding its own inconsistencies. Nevertheless, Seattle has more than a puncher's chance once we look at the matchups closely and factor in some of Denver's unknowns. I will start with special teams then look at both defenses and offenses.

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  1. Wowsa...thats was pretty freaking good.

    I personally think it comes down to the obvious turnover cliche'. We dont turn the ball, we're good. With him being younger...we have to force them, too.

    Im really curious how Denver's zone blocking scheme will matchup against our dline, particularly if Rocky plays. The zone blocking scheme makes them drop back a tad, which is not good against a team that likes to push olinemen back intot he QB's stepping range. I imagine Cutler will be running alot, and we just need to consistently keep Walker out of range. I would say Cutler is a current Brett Favre (minus strength, plus accuracy) with a better oline. Walker is our Donald Driver. Really the LBs need to blitz a ton given that their TE position is truly lacking.

    I also think Hass needs to keep himself in check. No forced throws, or 'competitive' mistakes. This is not reference towards the Packers game, this is just how he is in general. He may get away with it the one time he does it per game with most teams, but not the Broncos' secondary.

    Our past sucks against Denver. We're going to their stadium. Experts said the snow could hurt us (anyone find that ironic after the Packer game? im not lying). I thought before the season started that these were the 2 best teams. That, of course, assuming the good Jake Plummer shows up. Denver is in good shape, but I got news for you:

    These aren't your mother's Seahawks!

  2. thanks adp.

    well, two three and outs so far.

    go hawks!

  3. D.C I love your analysis I hope you know that. You hit everything on the head. Wow this was a big win for us 23-20 Brown is clutch re-sign him now.

  4. meez -

    no such thing as an ugly win in denver, right?

    now *that* defense looked like last year's unit: forcing turnovers left and right with pressure, then giving up the "what the...?" big play to keep it interesting.

    i FEAR arizona next week. seriously.

  5. Nice work Dave. Where in Spurrierville do you live?