Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Seahawks Make Roster Moves. Parrish the Thought!

According to Mike Sando on the Seahawk Insider blog, Seattle has made some roster moves today, including placing injured Special Teams ace Josh Scobey on IR, and waiving 4th string quarterback Gibran Hamdan, for the second time this season.

While the Seahawks are sweating out the waiver period, hoping the 49ers don't snap Hamdan back into their fold, another roster move made by San Francisco today may bode well for Seattle's "hit but don't tackle" secondary. In order to make room for much needed Linebacker depth, the 49ers had to release veteran strong safety Tony Parrish, who may very well end up playing against his former team in two weeks...

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  1. They signed some DT from the Gints. Tony Parrish can blow me.


  2. Thanks for the link Josh, still haven't figured out how to activate it, huh?


    -- The Seahawks signed former New York Giants defensive tackle Marcus Green on Tuesday. Green, a fifth-year senior who graduated from Ohio State in 2006, was an undrafted free agent who had been on New York's practice squad. The 6'1", 295-pound tackle may be able to help a Seattle defense

    With two roster spots open, there's still room for Parrish. Why the hatred for the dude?

  3. Activate uhhh, schmactivate. Copy and paste bitches!

    No hate, I just want a bj, thats all. Tony Parrish is unemployed, so it's not like he's busy. Chop chop Tony, and watch it with the teeth...

  4. Why did you have to say "less than a fortnight"? Now I have to go and actually think about how long a fortnight is, then do some subtraction, carry the one, cross out the digit, and oh great I just broke something...

  5. Again, LOL!

    Don't forget to apply the old English conversion factor, and account for Daylight Savings Time!

  6. Parrish wont come here because of the waiver claim system. Since our division is full of theieves to each other, I fully expect him to be a Cardinal.

    So Huckabe is gone, noone is crying? Everyone seemed to like him when he was drafted. I never saw him a sa legit player personally. Hopefully he'll improve from his major injuries and make it...but I would think his career in general is a long shot at this point.

    I would imagine Marcus Green is well-poised as a football player, and his profile screams heart. I mean Ohio St., for 5 years? Someone is either really, realy dumb...or hes really, really smart. To go 5 years, I imagine he learned a lot and is a lot more NFL-ready than some college players who come out early.

  7. I think some of us liked Huckeba because it was kind of cool to have a full blown hillbilly on the team, not because of any football prowess. He's really shown nothing but an ablilty to take a roster spot.

  8. Hillbilly's are not cool, never have been never will be. Have you seen Deliverance? I'm sure you have, that is basically my case and point.

  9. You watched the movie, didn't you? There is a reason they used hillbillies and not primates.

  10. Banjo? I dunno, I'm guessing.

    BTW, Deliverance is the main reason (but not the only) that Burt Reynolds is the only man worthy of being on that Miller man-law committee. How'd those other d-bags even get on the committee? I don't have to listen to Jerry Jones, that country music fag, or that lame black comedian guy, some fake wrestler, they can't make laws that affect me! Fight the power!

  11. You mean Jimmy Johnson buddy. Jimmy is the man! Come on now. I like him for this reason: when he stopped coaching, Madden interviewed him and asked him what he was going to do - Jimmy replied with: sit on the beach in the Keys, wearing hawaiian print shirts and sandals. One year later, Madden was in Miami and called up Jimmy for an interview, and sure enough Jimmy was on the beach in the Keys, wearing hawaiin print shirts and sandals.

    That's my goal one day. To not have to work and just sit on the beach...

  12. Right. Like that stupid "can't put lime in the beer" rule. Waht a blatant attempt to get me off Coronas and on to their swill.

    Another reason to hate their commercials: Their HQ is in St. Louis.

  13. "or that lame black comedian guy"

    Funny, there's only one comedian on those spots, yet you still felt the need to specify, hmmmmmm.

  14. Special for you homeskillet. Caught your clips on CSPAN.

    If they'd a used Chappell or any of his guys, Rock, hell, even Katt Williams or Bernie Mac, ok, but Eddie Griffin sucks. I also don't like Jamie Foxx.

    Oh, and F Jimmie Johnson too. He's no longer on the beach, he's yammering crap with Bradshaw and Howie. F him.

  15. Thanks for that link Josch, that was hilarious, I don't condone that solution (I do not think we need to get rid of white women, lol) but it was funny as hell. It reminds me of that Eddie Murphy best of SNL skit where he's a reggae musician at like a Republican convention singin that song that goes "Kill the white people, yeeeahhh, we got to make them pay".

  16. "or any of his guys"

    Don't you mean "those people"? lol

  17. Josch is just so full of anger. He needs a hug.

  18. Knew you'd dig 'em. Best line, "our people are imitation N*****s". Oh you people, 50 years ago... never mind.

    Eddie Murphy, also funny, but I'm thinking above Miller commercials. His brother would fit in nicely, see Chappel note.

    Blue, I didn't check, but I think you're thinking of Bud, they are in StLoser, Miller HQ would be in Wiscaaaaaanson.

    Sloth, not angry, I personally find "lite" racism funny, about anybody, not just black or white. I believe bigo does as well, but he's infamous for saying something racist about any statement, example:

    I think Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are the two best QBs playing right now.

    BigO response: You got no men of color in that list!

    My response: Well, the list is only two, and McNabb is hurt again.

    BigO: What about Vick, he's pretty good.

    Me: Ladainian Tomlinson is a better QB and better RB than Vick.

    BigO: Yeah, but Marty Schottenheimer is white you racist!

    Me: Fvcking Jim Mora is too! What is wrong with you!

    BigO: Cracka ass cracka

    Me: Your half white ya cobag, you can't choose sides.

    etc, etc. So it's not anger, its peace, love, and GAP.

  19. Heard on the radio that Major League Baseball is having a commemorative Civil Rights game next season, and they've selected the Cleveland Indians as one of the participants.

    Now THAT there is funny!

    I guess matching them up against the Braves would have been too heavy handed.

    Perhaps the NFL can follow suit with a Redskins-Cheifs matchup?