Sunday, December 03, 2006

Citizen K Likes This Award 12/03/06

Citizen K likes firstfights between retarded midgets. Tonight's spectacle in Denver caused his skin to break out in joypox. Read what he thought about it at Citizen K Likes This, (and pass the Calamine!)

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  1. And I like having the CKLT back on the blog!

    Good work as always.

  2. I get a man-crush over words like "kaopectatesque". Stop it.

    Good point about the Chad Johnson interview. What an abortion. The awkward silence after his responses was hysterical.

    I'm actually quite disappointed with the whole NBC "Sunday Night Blah BLah Football Blah America" production. It's like the crew on WKRP got a hold of the NBC evening news production team and are holding football fans everywhere hostage with their sleepy "Welcome to our 2am 1984 Olympic Figure Skating" coverage.