Monday, December 18, 2006

Give Me A Reasom To Believe

I need a little help here. I need help from the Seattle Seahawks and the my fellow twelfth men and bloggers. In this two game losing streak I find myself looking for hope, looking for inspiration, looking for a reason to believe and I need it from you guys.

I’m not looking for excuses to the reason that we have lost two very winnable games and haven’t clinched the division yet and are crappy 8-6. No I don’t want to hear about the injuries we had this season, and I don’t want to hear about the loss of Hutch.

Seattle has the talent and the potential to get to the top to win the Super Bowl but they haven’t been able to show that as of late. I don’t know why but the high powered offense that the Seahawks possessed for the past few years has been really crappy as of late. The line really doesn’t seam to get a push up front for Alexander. Finally they got their act together and learned to pass protect but now Hasselbeck can’t find a receiver and when he does they drop it. We turn the ball over at the most inopportune times and can’t sustain a drive. The defense well they miss a lot of tackles, pressure isn’t always there but this is about blasting the offense.

All this stuff that’s wrong with the offense mind boggles me. In the past few years we have had a really good offense. 2 years ago we dropped balls left and right and we were still a top ten offense. A few years back Hutch got injured and was out but we still had a good offense. A few years ago we got used to getting a big lead so that the defense could blow it in the 4th quarter. Now we have to hope that the defense could hold up before the offense decides to come up with a miracle 4th quarter to win it.

Except for the Cardinals game which was about a foot short every time the offense needed a game winning drive in the 4th quarter we got it. So I kind of know we can do it, but for some reason the offense doesn’t play with that kind of urgency every drive. I don’t know how Hasselbeck can have that much time in the pocket like he has had recently and not find an open receiver, its absurd.

As the saying goes COME ON SEATTLE. Win the next two games in a convincing fashion. Show me that this offense can start clicking. Give the defense a chance to play with passion. Give me a reason to believe that we can make it to Miami.

So my fellow Seahawk fans give me that reason. Reassure me that we can win again and make it to the Super bowl. I know it hurts right now but lets think big, hope big dream big, and maybe come Sunday the Seahawks will give us all a reason to believe again.


  1. Well I sure hope we can win the next 2 games. It would sure be sad to lose the division to the 49ers and have the season stop short. I hate to say it, but if we even come close to playing like we have the last 2 games, then this week will result in the same against the chargers. I hope we can be the one that puts a little stress on the chargers great season.

    Go Hawks...!!!!

  2. Normally I don't much care for the guy, but this offers a pretty good explanation as to why. I don't believe I can help you regain your faith. I think Vinny is ordained?

  3. I don't think I lost my faith. I still kind of know we can win and win big its just I need someone else to tell me and see it for myself because sometimes you take what your heart desires as reality and thats not always the case.

  4. Meezy -

    four words that may (help) restore your faith: regression to the mean.

    In statistical analysis it is the notion that trends never continue in perpetuity but rather things tend to fluctuate around the average.

    In the NFL's salary-cap-imposed-era-of-parity, regression to the mean rules the day. No team is that much better than any other team, with a few exceptions, almost no matter what their records say. Virtually every game comes down to a handful of plays, distributed at random throughout the game. In recent weeks Seattle has managed to NOT make most of those plays. (Think of the all the 3rd down drops vs. SF. Think of Hasselbeck's boneheaded INT in the red zone. If we score just one more FG in the 3rd qtr. the 9ers drop their heads and give up.)

    There really is no explanation for why the Jacksonville Jaguars can slap the Indianapolis Colts all over the field one week and the next give up 5 turnovers that lead directly to scores against Tennessee. Those same Colts then come out and basically shut down the run and force a bunch of turnovers against one of the league's hottest teams (Cincinnati).

    If Seattle plays its A game--the game we still haven't seen where receivers complete 100% of the makable plays, and the defense gives us 60 solid plays--it has a good chance. If San Diego is playing its A game almost no way Seattle wins, unless the Chargers turn it over. But San Diego isn't so good that it can play its B game and expect to win.

  5. Here's the best I can do:

    * San Diego has their division wrapped up.
    * There's a very good chance they're looking past this game
    * It's at Qwest, which last year meant something
    * SA may be juiced to show up LT
    * Maybe this is the game where Jerramy Stevens extracts his head from his ass and stops trying to catch every ball like it's a pregnant porcupine

    Seriously, our D is not that bad, and it's the problems on the offensive side of the ball that are manifesting themselves as Defensive breakdowns. I'd like to see the Time of Possession stats last year to this. It's probably close to a 5-10 minute difference. Our inability to sustain drives and score points has forced us to rely on a defense that is built to protect leads, not win games.

    That's all I got.