Sunday, December 24, 2006

Week 16: Chargers 20, Seahawks 17 - Christmas in Seattle!

The Seattle Seahawks have clinched their third NFC Worst West Division Championship. They celebrated by giving the San Diego Chargers a last-minute win. Once again, the Seahawks secondary blew a coverage, and Philip Rivers connected with Vincent Jackson for the second time for the game-winning TD.

But enough of the negativity. (I'm sure that "realist" "pessimist" will bring plenty of that along with his/her incorrect spelling of "Seahawks") Here are the bright spots:

1. The 'Hawks didn't get down trailing 10-0 and 13-7. They came back and got the lead.
2. LT didn't score, and with the exception of his 62 yard run in the second quarter, was contained.
3. Shaun Alexander outdueled LT, outgaining him 140-123 and outscoring him 2 TDs to 0.

4. The Seahawks won the NFC West (OK, by default, but I'm going to take it) and are going to be in the playoffs.

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  1. I've been blasting the offense and letting the offense off the hook for the entire year except for this games.

    The offense wasn't perfect lots of dropped balls, too much pressure on hass etc.


    From now on situations like that put Babs in I don't care how much it hurts Boulwares confidnece if its a defenite pass play plug in Babs.

    Thats all I have to say excuse the language I'm pissed the F*** off.

  2. My post got eaten, so here goes version 2.0.

    I was kinda pissed about the game, but still--the Hawks won the division. Not in the way we'd have liked, naturally, but won nonetheless. That should be a Christmas gift enough.

    Now, to deal with the crap. The CBS announcers called it--they noted that Boulware was in on an awful lot of big stops of Tomlinson, playing a huge role in stuffing the running game. They said that if he kept "poking his nose" in there he was going to get burned deep. Well, he did. That's the price the Hawks' D had to pay for their (mostly) effective effort against the run today.

    The impressive thing, for me, was that while they did so well against the run they were doing equally as well against the pass. I didn't see the entire game, which is why I'm not making an awards post, but I did catch a myriad of broken-up passes, MANY by the increasingly-impressive rookie Jennings on a guy who was like 10" and 100# larger than him. I was totally amazed at how well he did against that receiver. Herndon would have been beaten like, well, Kelly Herndon, but Jennings held his own. Quite a game by young #21.

    Shaun Alexander--what more can you say? He finally turned in a vintage 2005 MVP performance, outshining "golden boy." His legs were a-churning, his nose perfectly calibrated to detect the end zone. SA would not be denied today... Except for that final drive, where two first downs would have iced the game for the Hawks. However, I blame that on the PLAY CALLING!!!!! WTF running it three straight downs DEEP in your own territory? How about picking up a FIRST DOWN OR TWO and then running the clock down? A three and out, leaving the opposition two minutes to gain 60 yards, is just not cutting it. BOO that shit!

    However, equally culpable in the loss were Deion "Teflon" Branch and Matt "The Red Zone Interception Is Becoming My Trademark" Hasselbeck. The former tried to make up for D-Jack's absence by dropping as many balls as he and #82 would have combined for, all by himself, and "Matthew" was done in by Engram's inability to pull down a semi-too-high pass inside the 10, turning it over just as the Hawks were poised to punch it in, a fault that has been WAY too common the past month or so. Engram had a pretty good game, but he really screwed Hasselbeck and the team over there.

    And WTF is up with the fact that EVERY SINGLE EFFING GREAT RETURN IS CALLED BACK FOR A HOLD?!!!!! This has happened so often during this losing streak! Burleson will break one for 20-40 yards (or a 96-yard mothereffing TD!) and here comes a flag. Ridiculous! Especially when replays apparently indicated that no hold actually took place. The reffing today was impressively fair, but that one was not. It was nice to see the Hawks shake it off and drive for a long score after that, but still, ever since last February 5, phantom holds have been a bugaboo for the Hawks.

    Overall, almost a great game today. The division was won again, which is awesome, and Alexander got back into the swing of things. The defense showed up huge, and aside from the phantom hold, the special teams shone again--(Burleson's singlehandedly going to save Casullo's job...) Let's all hope for a decisive victory next week vs. Tampa, to salvage some momentum heading into the playoffs.


  3. Meezy drilled it---I was wondering why Babs didnt come in on obvious end of the game passing situations. I dont mind Boulware in there...but not in that situation. I thought that was pretty stupid not paying attention to detail. Makes me worry, too.

    The refs missed that terrible call, and it was the difference in the game. I know some dont like blaming the refs for a loss, but this, like the SF game, im going to. 'But ADP, theyre human...they cant be perfect!' are paid to do a job...DO IT RIGHT. I expect perfection. You are paid to make these calls, and the fact that you screw a team over on a consistent basis and in return are not punished by the league, aka your boss, then someone needs to take a shot at your face. Im serious. Its like they dont care.

    It wasnt just returns either...the refs on a consistent basis have allowed teams to hold us all the time in normal gameplay. SF, ARI, CHI, SF again all held like no tomorrow...and barely got any calls. Am I the only who thinks a team who finished #1 in sacks last year, and led for a bit this year suddenly cant get sacks on a terrible oline like ARI's or SF's? Anyone else find that suspicious? Its ridiculous...even a liquored alba was pointing them out with during a couple games. Clear as call. The 54 yard catch from SF? Look at the replay...blatant hold.

    I dont even think they even pay attention to be honest. Amazing they find such a little tiny hold thats either microscopic or nonexistant on us in this game, but cant call blatant ones on other teams. I hate REFS. HATE THEM. HATE THEM.

    Outside of a SB trade anything in for someone---even a fan, to hit a ref.

    And R-Bag, before you say anything...FUCK YOU.

    Have a Merry Christmas guys : ).

  4. Not only did the refs take away a TD from the Seahawks, but they ruined my BOLD PREDICTION in the Game Day chat. I had a feeling that STs were going to win this game for the Hawks, and if Burley's return holds up, they do.


  5. ""Matthew" was done in by Engram's inability to pull down a semi-too-high pass inside the 10, turning it over just as the Hawks were poised to punch it in, a fault that has been WAY too common the past month or so. Engram had a pretty good game, but he really screwed Hasselbeck and the team over there. "

    Bullshit, that was Matt all the way, there was no reason to throw that ball that damn high. That's kinda foul to put that on Engram. Maybe you didn't see the play, the ball was way too high, Bobby did everything he could just to get a fingertip on it. If anybody screwed the team there it was "Matthew".

  6. The way I've always viewed is is that if a receiver can get both hands on the ball (as Engram did,) he ought to make the catch. I disagree that the throw was so overly high that Engram had no chance; the throw was high, but the catch should have been made. This play was similar to the end of the playoff game vs. St. Louis two years ago, when Engram couldn't pull in a less-than-optimal pass by Hasselbeck. Does he need the ball served on a silver platter right into his gut in order to make a catch? C'mon, he's an NFL receiver--they have to be able to adjust.

    In addition, "that was Matt all the way" and "If anybody screwed the team there it was 'Matthew'" are questionable statements. Did you see the play? Hasselbeck was under heavy pressure and was lucky to get the ball out, hence the not-great pass. However, if Engram hadn't tipped the ball it would have fallen incomplete. All I'm saying is that Engram should have caught the ball, and because he didn't, an interception occurred that would not have otherwise happened.

  7. All of you guys who were saying that Bobby Engram was expendable at the end of the year due to the development of DJ and the addition of Branch need to put a steak in the hole. Engram belongs on this team...period. Maybe being a possession receiver in a rainy city is tougher than we all think. Bobby's got to stay put...period.

  8. I think that they are saying Bobby is expendable due to his thyroid illness. Hack would be, it seems at this time, a suitable replacement. Tho Hack is better suited for post patterns and deep balls where as Bobby is the best in the NFL as a possesion reciever. I would be willing to bet not one member of this forum wants to actually see Bobby leave.

    C-K and Big-O I was sitting in that endzone. Bobby would have needed a 6 foot vertical leap to have a chance at bringing that one in. Sorry, that was clearly on Matts head. He has been over throwing a lot lately, I think to try to compensate for the interception frenzy.

  9. I theorized that the uncertainty around the thyroid condition would give the team an "out" to release Engram in the offseason, if additional money were needed to fill a more glaring hole than the decently-stocked WR position. I personally don't want that to happen, and I'm sure the Hawks agree, as long as Engram is healthy enough to play all year.

    MaxHawk, since you were there I'll defer to your take on the pass in question. But from where I was sitting (5' in front of the TV,) it looked as though Engram should have pulled it down.

    However, my initial point was not that Engram could have or couldn't have caught the pass, it was that he basically caused the interception by tipping it right to a defender. Without that, the pass would've likely gone out of bounds; hence, I blamed Engram for the pick, saying he "let Hasselbeck down." Perhaps Hasselbeck should've thrown it lower--I totally agree. But my claim was that this pick was not directly attributable to Hasselbeck, whereas a good deal of his recent interceptions are because he has thrown the ball right at a defender or into a group of defenders.