Friday, December 15, 2006

What I Learned From... Getting Outplayed By the San Francisco Packers

1. There are more dropped balls with the Seahawks than the "Heaven's Gate Away Team".
2. If they kept a grip of their balls, this game is completely different, just like CitizenK said.
3. I HATE THE NFL NETWORK. Bryant Gumbel is the rich man's Steve Urkle. And an effing idiot.
4. The offense is in the toilet on 3rd down. I think part of the reason is they are in such a damn hurry to run the next play, they aren't thinking. It's sort of like trying to clean the house while it's on fire.
5. I think part of the reason the defense crapped out late is that the offense was in such a damn hurry, they got off the field in nothing flat and hung the defense out to dry.
6. I called out Julian Peterson last week, doubting his fire. He showed a lot more this week. Thanks for reading the blog, JP.
7. "Realist" is a living, breathing, mound of human feces. He's probably gratified to read this, but I am even happier to have delete his classless post. I will be even happier to continue this activity.
8. Hasselbeck is still a true competitor.
9. San Francisco, like Arizona, is a team on the rise, whether I like it or not. Just like steam rises from a pile of dog crap.
10. Holmgren is a good coach. He's the same one that was a genius last season. Unfortunately, his name will continue to be defecated in blogs, boards, and columns, because his receivers won't catch anything short of a handoff, and therefore kills any chance of success for which to give him credit.
11. The referees did a poor job keeping DB's honest last night. They were getting away with unlawful carnal knowledge on Seattle's receivers. It didn't cost Seattle the game, but it sure didn't help Seattle catch any passes either.
12. Seattle's defense tackled ok early, but it was their own offense that was their worst enemy.
13. I'm too pissed to write about much else.


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  1. This offense is whats killing this team. I seriously think it's this teams effort level. I don't feel they are putting the same effort in every drive. At the end of the game they have no problem putting together a scoring drive but the rest of the time they suck.

    San Fran didn't have a 1st down till late in the 2nd quarter, Seattle had good field position most of the time score damn it.

  2. I'd like to read what realist had to say... oh well. Numbers 3, 4 and 5 are spot on. As an open Holmgren critic (last year included), I'll agree, he's no worse than he was last year. ;-)