Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Welcome Back, Old Friend

Mr. Renner, I presume?

Missed you, man. Seeing "Vinnyhawkalugi" in the blog has ablsolutely made my day.

How are you? Where you been? How about them Seahawks?

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  1. Thought this post needed an appropriate picture Bloof. Hope you don't mind.

    Welcome Back Mr. Renner. Whether it's for only a visit, or if you'll be setting up on-line shop again, know you and your opinions were missed (even though they're wrong!!!)

    -- alba

  2. LOL, seems to me most of my predictions were dead on.....from losing Hutch hurting the running game more than most wanted to admit....to the Steelers not finishing with a winning record.....(though again I was waaay off on the Cards, but closer to being right about the Niners)

    Just call me Nostravinus.

    But seriously.....thanks for making me feel missed, the hiatus was tough, but necessary....nice to see you survived without me. (wink, wink)

    Bloof (love the new handle bud), thanks for the welcome back thread....I'm not worthy.

    I'm really looking forward to accompanying my Hawk brethern on another run to the Super Bowl.

  3. Wrrrrr.....wro.....wwrrrrooonnn....?

    Not right? Me in error? About what?

    But seriously, thanks Bloof (love the new handle) for the welcome home thread....I'm not worthy.

    I'm looking forward to accompanying my Hawk Brethern on another journey to the promised land.......The Super Bowl baby!!!!

  4. LOL, it's good to see not much has changed.

    BTW, alba started calling me bloof for short, and it caught on. A few months later I found this:

    "Bloof" according to the Urban Dictionary


  5. This thread is way less gay than I figured it would be. Nice work douchenozzles. Sup Vin.

  6. Randle P Magircle, I have a message, or maybe thats massage, from Hurricane Harry. Now wait a minute, I know I have it in this mess a crap here somewhere....

    Oh yeah, here it is.... Bite me...

    MaxHawk.... 12 Streeeeet Writer....