Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What I Learned From... Playing the NFL's best today

Ugh, that touchdown pass was hard to swallow. But for once this season, I was proud of the effort. It's rare I feel like this after a loss. Let's just hope that feeling's occasion stays rare.

1. I was proud of the 12th man, who brought it all game, and made a difference. I'm proud to be among them, win or lose.

2. I was proud of Shaun Alexander, plowing through defenders for much of the game.

3. I was proud of the defense for making the Bolts a one dimensional team.

4. I was proud of the way the defensive front seven, with the help of Boulware, held Tomlinson to 2.9 yards per carry in 21 of his 22 touches.

5. I was proud of the team for not losing focus after the refs brought back Burelson's TD on the basis of that egregiously rediculous holding call.

6. I was proud of this team for grappling back the lead. That was tough to do against a strong running team.

7. I was proud of Bobby Engram making a difference in his comeback.

8. I wish I could tell you how freaking amazing that 72 yard punt was, to see it in person. Most long punts get that way from bobbling along the ground for much of the distance. This was that long in the air. It was sorely needed, and made the difference in a 0-0 game. Game ball for Plack.

9. I was proud of Kelly Jennings, for playing so well for Trufant. He made some great coverage plays. Game ball for Twig.

10. My heart sinks for Boulware. I mean, really, I feel bad for him. He let the winning TD go over his head, and that's why he was benched in the first place. His contributions to the game can't be ignored, though, I think he was a big difference in keeping Tomlinson at bay for most of the game. But that had to hurt, in the context of this season. Have you heard his comments after the game? Mike Sando provides them here. It's a must listen. His forthrightness and determination are commendable. Something like this could be a real turning point...

11. Having said that, I would like to see Boulware at the starting SS in the base set, with Babinaux in that position in the nickel, similar to the way Bierra was handled on '04. (Ironically, that's who Boulware replaced mid-season that year.) But that may not be feasible with Trufant out.

12. What's wrong with Branch's hands? It looked like he was trying to catch the ball with axe handles. Suck it up, millionaire.

13. Tatupu was a Pro-Bowler Sunday. He played like it.

14. For once, Stevens dropping balls is not a topic.

15. Garlic fries RULE!

16. The Seahawks are NFC West Champions again! Thank you Santa!!!

Here's to boner-worthy moments!

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  1. Damn Blue, I wish I would have known about being at the game sooner than I did. tix were sprung on me last minute. It would have been great if the Bloofster and the Max could have hooked up.
    Maybe next season unless we both happen to be planning a trip to Tampa next week.

    Garlic fries, I didn't have'm, but the smell was really heavy in the stadium. I saw this drunk guy toss a beer and garlic fries at what I assumed was his gal. That was a spendy statement. Then we walked by another gal who dropped her beer and three of us jumped in and sreamed FLAG! 15 YARDS!! in unison.

  2. His name is slim not twig but anyways we played a good game that we should have won Boulware was the reason we lost but also the reason we stayed in the game.

    Just a thought we switch to the 3-4 next year make Boulware an OLB and Babs the safety.