Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sundays with Idiots

Post challenge: avoid the use of gay clichés. True, they are always good for a chuckle, but try to prove your wittiness by working in some other genres of humor.

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  1. Nordberg's Wheelchair12/17/2006 04:44:00 PM

    Ethan Miller
    San Francisco Community College
    COMP 244 - PhotoShop
    Final Project

    For my final project I extracted Frank Gore from a photo of him embracing his wife after last week's game, and added him to a shot of Smith celebrating with Smiley. Please take special notice of my great drop shadow usage, and tone balancing. (Note: one aspect of the project may be too arcane, so I'll let you in on the secret--Gore was originally wearing socks like Smith's, but I clone-stamped in Tina Turner's gams instead. However, their clean-shavenness should give this away.)


    Final Grade: A-

    Notes: Hilarious and well-implemented. I especially liked the subtle way you made Gore's buttocks more round and muscular than they really are. I had to deduct 8 points for replacing Smith's raging boner with a towel, though. That detail just really made the original photo for me, and to clone it out was just horrific. Sorry.
    -Professor Mannlieber


  3. Nice!

    I was thinking more along the lines of "Frank Gore, crazed on the vital juices of his vanquished foes, turns sadistically on his quarterback as #65 tries ineffectually to prevent the fragging."

  4. Frank Gore: And now, for my next performance, I will do an interpretive dance about the Joe Namath/Suzy Kolber interview. Playing the part of Ms. Kolber will be the dashing leader of our team, Alex (The Grown-Up QB, not the Tampa Bay TE) Smith.

    #65: (bowing before Frank Gore) I'M NOT WORTHY! I'M NOT WORTHY!

  5. "Good job Alex, that was a nice throw, but c'mon you really could've thrown anything against these bitches and it would've gone for a TD. Ya know I actually feel sorry for their fans, I hear there'a a terrible rain/wind storm in the area and all these folks came out and braved the weather and this is the effort that their teams puts forth. I guess they're right about Hasselbeck learning from the Favreian teat, those 2 picks he threw were just uncannily favreish, he forces one into double coverage and the other he threw straigt to our dude, hey Alex why is Hasselbeck over there on the sideline winking and blowing kisses to you?"

  6. BigO you really hate Hasselbeck but he really is the best thing we got. But he kind of blew it against the 9ers

  7. "the Favreian teat"

    OK, so now we're quoting Marx on the blog? ;-)

  8. I really don't hate Hasselbeck. Seriously, I don't, I'm one of his biggest fans but I'm gettin sick of the blame going everywhere but on his shoulders. Sure there are alot of reasons why we are sucking so bad right now but one of the main reasons is the decision making and play of our fearless leader. He isn't the best thing we've got (if you mean at the QB position fine, but that's a given) Hackett, Jackson, um, uhhh, Peterson (sometimes), um, uhhhhhh are the best things we've got right now. Alexander is more to blame than Hasselbeck, he is the 68 million dollar, 73yrd man, he's playin like Vin Baker right now, get the money and don't run. If we don't get our act together we won't even make the playoffs. We are lucky that the Bolts have already locked up what they need otherwise they would beat our ass (and they still might). Can you even see us scoring a single point right now the way these 2 clubs are playing? We haven't beaten one good team all year not one, the Giants suck and the Broncos game was a fluke because there was a rookie at the helm for them, if you are serious w/ yourself you'd know that a Jake Plummer led Bronco team probably would've whooped the Hawks. This is getting real old real quick every dude on our team save Hackett and D Jack is playin like a little bitch right now and that will not work in the NFL, hell it won't even work in the NFC worst.

  9. every dude on our team save Hackett and D Jack is playin like a little bitch right now and that will not work in the NFL, hell it won't even work in the NFC worst.

    You're right BigO everyone is playing like a bunch of suckas with no poise or atleast everyone offense, the defense misses tackles but still makes it very winnable for the offense and they blow it.

    I've said this before and I will say it again every loss we have this year was either because of the whole team like Chicago or atleast in my case falls on the offense because they have stunk it up.

    Infact now that I look back this offense looked better when the backups ran it or atleat during the first half it did. Maybe we should adopt the Florida Gators philosophy and let Wallace play the first half and Hasselbeck the second.

  10. It just sucks, I have no confidence whatsoever in my team right now. They scare no one, could you honestly tell me that if Philly squeked into the playoffs and had to come here that we could beat them? I can't think of a team in the NFL right now that I could look at and say w/ any confidence, that we could beat them in a win or go home situation, hell I'd probably have an easier time tellin you how any team in the league could be successful against the Hawks. If John Marshall is here next year something is wrong, I love Holmgren but he too needs to go, the fire in his belly has been extinguished. His team has a loser attitude and we all know attitude reflects leadership. It's done, blow it up, get a young firey coach who's hungry and wants to win more than anything, hell we've got decent personnel it's not like we need to rebuild we just need some one to light a fire under these cats, I think they've tuned Holmgren out.

  11. Girls...You are too caught up with Pigeon homophobia. You are losers, you are demonstrating that, and it is pathetically laughable that you can diss all others when in fact you are the owners of the worst football record over the last 20 years in the league. Check it out Bloofie, Joschie, Hawkaluigi, CitizenHomo, monkey and all you other Seattle supporters. Change your name to the "Pigeon Athletic Supporters" and it would be very appropriate. Delete this!!! Check out the latest headlines! Holmy forever...

    Column: NFC not just bad, it's awful
    Associated Press

    Seattle, the defending NFC champion, has lost two straight and has San Diego coming to town Sunday. The Seahawks could finish 8-8 and still win the NFC West.

  12. Take your stupid ass somewhere else with that bullshit, clown.

  13. Back on topic...

    Gore talking to #65: did you see that? Kelly Herndon came in untouched and was all over Alex like THIS when my man juked him and tossed me that sweet TD!

  14. "CitizenHomo"?

    That doesn't even rhyme. You missed the obvious: CitizenGay. C'mon, realist, you're not even putting any thought into your little pet names!

  15. See? I told you that if I pushed this button we would levitate. Thats how I got over Lofa last week.

  16. Damn, I didn't get made fun of my Realist.

    There goes my Christmas. Thanks, cobag.

  17. Sherlmike Holmesgren12/23/2006 05:09:00 PM

    Might that be because you are realist.