Saturday, December 23, 2006

Well, Here Goes Nothing...

In a few short hours I'll be leaving with a caravan of the 12th man's finest over Sonqualamie pass to grace my face with Seahawks football and garlic fries, and damn, I'm nervous about this one. The Chargers are on a roll, rock solid fundamentally, and our Seahawks are knocking hard on mediocrities' door.

At this stage of life, I can only afford to go to one of these games per season. But I sure know how to pick 'em. What a pivotal game. If the Seahawks manage to pull out a win against what is arguably the hottest team in the NFL right now, it will do wonders for their confidence heading into the postseason, and change the outlook on a playoff run considerably.

If they lose? It'll validate everything I fear about the state of the team.

But I'm still gonna do my job as the 12th man. Time to yell. Relentlessly.

First, a couple of keys to the game for the Seahawks:

1. Catch the damn ball.
2. Get ahead early. The best way to slow Tomlinson is to take the game away from him.
3. Keep focused on offense. Play like your season rides on this game.
4. Sign a 278 lb fat dude's NFC Champs hat in section 207.

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  1. Wrote this in the flooble and I'll write it again (actually copy & paste but you get the picture).

    call me a homer but I truly believe the Seahawks will beat the Chargers in a convincing manner on Sunday. Hasselbeck Stevens and Alexander will have big games. Stevens will learn how to catch and the line will push the Chargers around. Call me a homer.

    We're gonna win this in a convincing manner. Bloof and everyone at QWEST will be rocking. Alexander is gonna have a good game. The recievers will catch the ball. The o-line will mand handle the other team in the trenches. With a long week of rest the offensive will be clicking back to it's ways of last year.

    The defense will hold up. They get two much blame anyways its really all the offenses fault. Julian Peterson will show the Chargers and the world that he is better than the steroid using Shawn Merriman. Michael Boulware will make his presence felt in his return to the starting line up.

    San Diego Chargers meet the Seattle Seahawks the real Seattle Seahawks not the guys who were portraying them for the past 15 weeks.

  2. I hope you're right, meezy. I'm out the door.

    Oh, and by the way -- HOMER!!!


  3. Although I will root for this team no matter what, my faith has been rattled. Right now, I certainly do not believe the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl, let alone make a dent in the playoffs. Right now, there is no cohesion on this team, offense or defense. Cohesion is a necessity in the NFL, and if you don't have it be Week 16, you probably won't get it at all. This team has the talent to beat anyone in the league, but right now, they are incapable of putting the pieces together for victory.

    Like how I continue to preface everything with "right now"? Hell, maybe this will be our wake-up call. I'll be rooting for this team, and hoping.....for a miracle? That is what it might take, at this point in the season.


  4. Hopefully Trufant will get 15 picks so people can finally lay off him. He has had a very good season...not quite pro bowl, but he definitely put his name on the ballot.

    DJack was snubbed.

    Brown was snubbed.

    Jones made it by default, its disrespectful if he didnt make it, even if he was out for the entire year...

    Tatupu I can accept, Peterson earned his. Strong can have his...its not like he was asked to magically heal Shaun and our entire oline, though he does look worse than last year.

    I agree with Bloof about this game, but you have to add one thing:

    If we win, its only going to confuse us more. We beat Denver and lose to two teams who on their best day should not beat our backups. If we lose, its safe to call us mediocre---I still blame injuries, and for a couple games (49ers in particular), the refs...but yeah.

    I think we will win, because its been that kind of year. Im actually very confident about that.

    Now with Rashard Lewis down, im going to go throw up. Someone make the torture sick of this bad luck bug in Seattle.

    Its now or never Seattle!

  5. Dammit we should be up by 14 by now. What is wrong with our recievers?

  6. You said it...You are mediocre which is what I have said from the beginning.

  7. realist has hydrocephalitis12/24/2006 10:18:00 PM

    Errrghh! Mmmnnnfff! Orrrmmmnnngggaallllooochaaaarrrrrzzzeeeennnttiiiiimmmmoo

    Errrghh! Matt Damon! Realist! Matt Damon! Errrghh! Ungaaaarrrlllmmmeeeeeennnah!

  8. realist has hydrocephalitis12/24/2006 10:20:00 PM

    really, no one cares. Pessimists are right 50% of the time, just like optimists. Youda said Trufant would have a bad year. Yet he had a good one. 50%.

  9. were right on the money.

    If Matt doesn't throw those two picks, we beat these guys going away.

    Too bad Boulware got schooled on that final play. He had a great game for the other 59 minutes and 30 seconds.