Monday, October 23, 2006

Alan's D.O.G and Gus the Mule

This week's D.O.G. is up, so step right up to see the show. That reference will become quite clear when you read it here.

Also, The Ryan report is good to go. Defensive MVP anybody?



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  1. It looks like the wheels are coming off the bandwagon. Everyone chill! So you are facing what all other teams have faced. So, you are finally realizing that the schedule maker is temporary! The fact is that Homgren is offensive and is a .500 coach at best. Eight years to figure that out is your penalty. You can rebuild next year or the year after that.

  2. Aaaaah Realist, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman's love child.

  3. I thought Realist was the product of John Madden bending over for Brett Favre!

    Anyhow, good job as always Alan, even though the Seahawks didn't give you much to work with. Too bad Ryan's nickname wasn't Gus the Horse, or you could name these posts "Alan's D.O.G. and Pony Show!"

  4. Isn't Realist a Dolphins fan? Haven't they been rebuilding since 1972?

  5. The 12th man is only available if the Pigeons are winning. I have been to may Pigeon games that have no true fans. May the bandwagon continue!!!

  6. So, we point out that we're not playing well and we're all bandwagoners?

    I'm not going to say that bandwagoners don't exists. They certainly do. And yes, I sat in Husky Stadium watching the team play in by far less than capactiy crowds.

    However, I hate the people who comment on a post like this and call it jumping off the bandwagon. Its called analyzing a team. This team has flaws, just because we recognize them doesn't mean were any less devoted.

    If you want to go taunt bandwagon jumpers, you should leave this place. Here at the Street, we have supported the Seahawks as long as we can remember. The earliest season I can remember is 1992 (I was 7). If I didn't jump then, I'm not jumping now, and I'm not jumping ever. Some of the other contributers have (because they're slightly older than me) have supported this team much longer.

    Now go put on your Tom Brady pajamas and curl up under your Bengals covers. Just don't come back when things turn around.

  7. Damn Skippy, Seahawks fan through and through, back in the 90's when we had 2-14 type seasons I was happy as long as we beat the damn Raiders and Chiefs. Earliest Game I can remember was back in 1984 I also was 7, I'm goin down w/ the ship, if the wagon is on fire I'm still ridin it while pissin on the fire tryin to put it out. Yes the Hawks have been fuckin up lately, but it's the diehards like the residents of this site that get to point out the flaws, and make suggestions as to what should be done to correct them.

    I called someone a band waggoner for throwing Seneca Wallace under the bus before he's even had a start to show what he can do, he came into a bad situation this past weekend and you can't judge him on that performance (which wasn't all that bad, hell it was way better than that Tony Romo scrub). Even if he has a bad game in KC he doesn't have Shaun to help him out, and the O-Line is still suspect, that still isn't a good measure of his abilities, and I believe that he could pull one out in KC. He knows the offense and he's a scrappy player, I was pumped when we drafted him because I liked what I saw from him in college and I knew that a good QB coach like Mike Holmgren could do wonders for this kids game. I have faith in my Hawks, it's a long season and we'll be in the playoffs and have as good a shot as anyone to make it to the superbowl. GO SEAHAWKS.