Friday, October 13, 2006

Meezy's Keys to the Game: Rams

Last time the Seahawks played a game they didn’t read the keys to the game and thus lost. They turned the ball over got beat by the deep pass and couldn’t get pressure on the quarterback all were keys to the game. This week I hope they can actually listen to a few and execute them. Rams week this week so we all know this game is huge. So to ready meezy’s keys to the game go to Page 2.


  1. Nice, post, Meez.

    I'd hasten to add: get Stevens involved early. That will take the pressure off the receivers, and also allow your first two points to occur. Once the linebackers realize they have to cover Stevens, more running room is available for Morris/Weeks. Also, there's less pressure on Hasselbeck, as well as less rushers in his face.

    Also, Lofa Tatupu needs to get more involved in the game. For the past couple games he's been kinda silent. Hill and Peterson have been making plays, but Lofa's been caught in no-man's land. For the past two weeks I've watched him choose the wrong hole time and again, (which is to me one of the main reasons the run D looked so crappy last week,) whereas last year, and through the first two weeks of this season, he was Johnny-on-the-spot. He needs to step it up.

    Likewise, the pass D needs to be healthy. Bulger's got skills, and the Rams' receivers are the Rams' receivers. The Killer B's (Babineaux and Boulware) (AKA "The Koncussion Kids) need to be back at full strength for the Hawks to have a chance.

    I won't get to see much of the game, but I hope to tune in just as Josh Brown is kicking the winning Field Goal with a few seconds remaining. My call: 24-21, Hawks.

  2. Excellent work, Meezy and Cit K.