Sunday, October 29, 2006

GAMEDAY: Seahawks at Chiefs

The Seahawks rolled into Kansas City yesterday with a laundry list of no-shows, no-goes and a season's worth of expectations riding on a few inexperienced shoulders. With the absence of Hasselbeck, Alexander, Engram, Locklear, and Womack, the recent demotion Boulware, the struggles of Spencer and the the rest of the offensive line, it would appear that Seattle is limping into Arrowhead.

But KC is not much better off. And with a couple of very important adjustments, Seattle has a very good shot at this game, for a few reasons:

QB Damon Huard has a tweaked hammy. Julian Peterson can shut down Tony Gonzales, if used in man coverage. Michael Boulware is no longer available to surrender the deep ball, Seattle's only real defensive weakness. KC has very little film on Seneca Wallace. KC has very little in the way of wide receivers.

But in the end, I think it is the Seattle defense that is the difference in this game. Will they contain Larry Johnson? I believe they will.

Enjoy the game.



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1 comment:

  1. you were right, Bloof, Seattle's defense was the difference in this game.

    Unfortunately, the difference was piss poor tackling and still giving up the deep ball.

    Seneca is an NFL caliber QB and Deion Branch is a STUD!

    Kudos to Rob Simms, Chris Spencer and Kelly Herndon.

    More to come