Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good Man Gone to the Dogs!

Actually, it's worse than that. Recently released Seahawks special teams captain Isaiah Kacyvenski has signed with the Rams!

Looks like it's back to dumpster diving and plain doughnuts again for our favorite Harvard Graduate!

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  1. Wow, I guess he was desperate.

  2. I hate this. I don't really like Kaz as a player, he'll be replaced on ST, and probably not even replaced on the bench, but this is not good. Particularly hate that he's gone to the Lambs.


  4. doesn't this now make it TWO harvard grads on one piss-poor team?

  5. Anybody read the Boling piece on the TNT? Makes me hate this more, but, maybe Kaz gets a shot at playing LB, as he wouldn't get one in Seattle. If so, good for him, but I still hate it.

    Other linkage to St. Loser site.

  6. The Seahawks gambled that nobody would pick him up and/or that his loyalties would keep him around until they signed him back.

    Doesn't take an Ivy League education to see that he was considered expendable in Seattle. Plus, why only get paid ONE salary, when you can get TWO, plus a shot at more regular playing time.

    Holms is pissed because his bluff was called and he lost a good player and an even better man. Can't fault Kaz in any of this though.

    However, looking at the roster, who else would you have cut to bring up Weeks?

  7. With Hutchinson and now Kacyvenski, it seems like the Hawks' bluffin' faces aren't working too well.

    I'd have cut Ponder; that guy has shown nothing, and they're already set at WR.

  8. I think in both cases, the team took a calculated risk, knowing full well the possibilities of losing each guy, but also knowing the upside of that situation as well.

    Losing Hutch begat Peterson, Burleson and Branch, and even though the jury is still out on Burleson, this will prove out to be a positive move for the Seahawks.

    Losing Kaz hurts mainly the fans. Our special teams were not all that special before hand, although it does suck to cut one of your captains. But really, who else were they going to let go.

    PONDER - stacked at WR, maybe so, but he did win the job from Scobey so Holms and Ruskell's gotta like something about the guy.

    CELESTINE - that's the guy I thought would get axed, as he was inactive for the first three games, but became important once Babs got dinged up against the Giants, and proved to be critical once Boulware went down in the game.

    KOUTOUVIDES - probably could have gone instead of Kaz, but he's younger, bigger, and just as important on STs

    TAFOYA - thought his injury may have been severe enough for Ruskell to put him on IR, but they really seem to like this guy, and he's also an ST standout.

    WOMACK - surprised they didn't put Porky on IR or finally cut his always injured ass loose. Still, with the swiss-cheese like O-line left in the wake of the Hutchinson departure, even Womack is imPorkant to this team right now.

    ANY OTHER PRACTICE SQUADDER - probably would have been an option if we didn't have so many injuries at key positions, which would keep us from being able to demote anyone off the active roster to the PS.

  9. "he did win the job from Scobey "

    Did he? I thought they were just fed up with Scobes' run 5 yards and get stuffed that they just seized upon the most newly available shiny object.

    Celestin became untouchable once Green went down in preseason.

    Agreed on Koutevides. To me, he is the single reason Kacyvenski was made expendable.

    Tafoya is an integral member of the DL rotation.

    Womack is the erstwhile all-around fill-in on the OL.

    Injuries are indeed the key. If Green were healthy Celestin would have been the cut; if Tubbs were healthy it indeed may have been Tafoya. (Hell, if SA were healthy no one would have gotten cut...) Kacyvenski just happens to play a position that is totally healthy, and thus was relegated to special teams, where his position is already filled--healthily--by Koutevides. He was the odd man out.

    I probably wouldn't care so much, (indeed, I really don't care personally, but only as a fan,) but he signed with the effing RAMS, whom the Hawks play next. Did anyone pick up on that Buffalo/New England situtation where one of the teams signed a castoff from the other team the week before they played, and then the castoffing team accused the signing team of doing so simply to extract strategic information about them? Well, perhaps that's the Rams' motivation here... Kacyvenski's been on the Hawks for over half a decade, and he's smart, so he's got to know their playbook inside and out. Perhaps the Rams are banking on taking evil advantage of that knowledge? I hope Kaz is too gentlemanly to reveal such privileged information, but you never know... That's why I gave this series of unfortunate events an 18-"O" Boo. Not cool, all rhe fricking way around.

  10. Nice to see some discussion here.

    However, looking at the roster, who else would you have cut to bring up Weeks?

    What did Weeks do? Why cut anyone, even "temporarily", to have Weeks basically ride pine? 3 for 8 shows me that they didn't think he'd be effective, hence the 3 carries. Did Mo or Mack need a blow after all the long runs they had? F it, let Scobey run it. Or Parry. Or Ponder fer crying out loud. Ray Willis?

    the team took a calculated risk, knowing full well the possibilities of losing each guy, but also knowing the upside of that situation as well. Ummm, upside? Superbowl teams get raped for FA's. That is a trend. Seahawks front office personnel gambling is becoming a trend. I can forgive Hutch, it was a dirty deal by Minnesota and netted Peterson supposedly, but this one is zero sum, Kaz for Weeks? I'd prefer StL got Weeks! Even if just for the info Kaz has taken to a division rival, and the only one that is a challenge right now. Ruskell is not on my hotseat yet (and I know he's worried about it), but he needs to either be right real soon or be quiet for a while.

  11. They had to bring Weeks up just in case MoMo got knocked out in the first series, like SA did in the playoffs against the Redskins. It was a big time insurance move. Can you imagine the greif the FO would take if they lost Mo early in that game, and their best option was Scobey or Parry?

    It's not like the FO was trying to be cute or shrewd by releasing Kaz...if you read the last two comments...they had no other choice.