Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Seahawks: First Quarter Progress Report

Feeling a Bit Anxious, Are We?

Prior to the opening kickoff of the 2006 NFL season had someone said, "the Seahawks will open at 3-1," I would have responded, "and there will be much rejoicing! More women! More wine!" Yet, here our beloved 'Hawks sit at 3-1, and things seem a tad less satisfying than I might have anticipated--though I am far from the point of sack cloth and ashes.

If you are at all like me in this regard understand that part of this anxiety simply comes with the raised expectations that accompany a little success. It's easy for us fans to get into a mode where we expect the Seahawks to win by 20 against a so-called inferior opponent or we're not satisfied. It's easy to forget that the talent differential between the Colts and the Titans is not so vast as we might like to presume. And then there was the whole Chicago debacle, of which we shall no longer speak...

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  1. A 3-1 record is nothing to be ashamed about, but the problem with most Seahawks fans is that this team looks NOTHING like the team that went to the Superbowl last year.

    Of course, that team was 2-2 and heading into the Rams game without a bye week and with just as many questions srurrounding the team.

    Last year we were a dominant punishing rushing team. This year, not so much.

    Last year we lead the league in 80+ yard scoring drives and red zone efficiency. This year, not so much.

    Last year, other than his sub-par performance in the Jacksonville opener, Matt Hasselbeck did not throw interceptions on the road. This year, he's throwing them all over the place.

    There are a lot of reasons to be nervous about this season, and none of them have to do with cockamaymee curses.

    If we blow the Rams off the field (doubtful) all will be better in Seahawks land. If we win a close game (likely) we'll still be happy. If we lose a close game (just as likely) all won't be lost, but doubt will continue to creep in. If we get blown off the field (good god, please don't even think it) then the Rams will be brimming with as much confidence as the Seahawks will lose in themselves.

    This game is PIVOTAL in how the team approaches the rest of the season. We need to get our swagger back.

  2. I agree with everything you said DC. I have never seen the national media pimp out a guard more than they did Steve Hutchison. I am confident that the line will improve.

    The DB's have performed well up to what I expected. They get beat deep but thats about it. Herndon gets beat by speed guys and Trufant by big guys but other than that everything that isn't over 20 yards they got under control. This makes me wonder what the hell are the safeties doing when Herndon is getting ran by Marshall has to fix the paly calling we know they aren't cover corners so quit putting them on an island by themselves.

    Juelz (Peterson) has performed up to performance Tatupu on the other hand misses a few tackles he should have made.

    Pass rush needs to get more consistent.

    For any of you guys who haven't payed attention to the Rams yet they have a new recipe. No more trying to put up 40 points. the new recipe is play consevative keep it close don't turn the ball over and force turnovers. So far it has worked. They are +13 in turnovers so Hass needs to stop being so erratic. You can still run the ball down their throat so thats what i want to see us do but knowing Homgren we will throw the ball 40-45 times. If Vernon Morency can run for the century mark against them so can Maurice Morris damn it.

  3. The Lambs are no Bears. They won't dominate the line of scrimmage, which is where the game was essentially lost in Chicago. They don't have the talent.

    However, it IS a pivotal game, for all the reasons stated above, and both teams know it. It will be intense, and both teams will leave it all on the field.

    Seattle is still the better team, top to bottom.

  4. How much will the possibility of Bobby Engram not playing hurt the 'Hawks on Sunday?

  5. It will be more than made up for by the return of Jerramy Stevens.

    Does anyone remember the apprehension before going to St. Loser last season, traveling into the lair of the team that punked us three times the season before? It was a 900 pound gorilla on the back.

    No such gorilla this year. There is some normal butterflies, but this is very different. Last season I just hoped the Seahawks would win. This year I **almost** expect it. There is just enough change to the Lambs that it makes it difficult to predict.

    It should be an exciting game.

  6. i hope we can get healthy versus the rams in two areas:

    1. we need to be able to come out and establish the line of scrimmage, whether in four wides or not. the rams are not good as good as they have been along the defensive front four.

    2. limiting big plays. big plays are likely the only way the rams will get TDs rather than FGs.

    defensively right now, we are a bit like bert blyleven, the long-time minnesota twins pitcher who you may recall--most likely only those of you over 30--that he was an otherwise very good pitcher with an annoying penchant for giving up home runs.

  7. AKA Jamie Moyer?