Thursday, October 19, 2006

Urban (is a) Cowboy!

This is a picture I had from my old Moonlight Graham Blog, I believe after Jerheme Urban had a pivotal catch to defeat the Cowboys.

Well, as Mike Sando reports on his blog today, Jerheme now *is* a Cowboy. (but let the record show that the corny pun was used here, first, and a long time ago.)

I'd love to get a chance to talk to him about the differences between the laid-back, character-rich Seattle locker room, and the me-first, star-entitled locker room of the Cowboys.

(and no, CitK, this is NOT just a short lead in topic to an item I just posted at the Seahawks Fanhouse!)

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  1. Pinch me--is this the big news? Good for Urban. He has all the potential in the world, but due to the racist policies of the Seahawks coaching staff, he could never dent the regular rotation on this team. (Hell, I'm surprised Hasselbeck's still on the club!) Hopefully he can save Bledsoe's job with clutch catches in traffic, although let's stop him short of helping Dallas win any games. Ideally Bledsoe will feed Owens the ball long enough for the other team to build up a commanding lead, then switch over to Urban for the remainder of the game. He'll tally between 120-150 yards per contest--all in the 3rd & 4th quarters, and all between the red zones.

    Seriously, I wish he could have caught on with the Hawks, but I'm totally satisfied with the receiving corps as it stands.

    Wow--I got an italicized postscript all to myself! Props to you, Alba, for not giving this scoop to the "other blog" first. Keep on dancin' with who brung ya, buddy!

  2. "but due to the racist policies of the Seahawks coaching staff, he could never dent the regular rotation on this team."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah either that or him being the least talented reciever on the team. One of those two reasons. Honestly, he couldn't carry Hackett's jock.

  3. read the Huddle Dude K...the big news is that Bloof is back!

  4. Cool! That must have been the budget 12-step program.

  5. LOL, I skipped a few steps.

    And I don't miss Urban. It seemed like he was perpetually pressing, as if, when he made a play, it was a near miracle. Whenever whitey caught the ball in bounds, Aryans everywhere rejoiced. Even supremacists holed up in Walla Walla.