Sunday, October 22, 2006

GAMEDAY: A Viking Funeral!

The Truth Behind Why Hutch Singed That Deal!
Finally, a comic that depicts a possible explanation as to why Hutch would sign that poison pill deal, along with a graphic illustration as to what it will do to his career, and his new team's chances of winning this afternoon.

While the media pundits will be yammering all day about Hutch versus Burleson and ethics versus poison pills, we all know this game is more about Mo Morris against the front-seven of the Vikings, Hasselbeck against the Cover-2, the Seahawks DBs against the deep ball, and the 12th Man against visiting team!

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  1. That is quite a funeral. The Pigeons should be 0-3 in the last 3. Oh well, looks like the way they are playing they will be 1-3 after next week. Call the schedule maker! Give us the Texans and Dolphins and Titans. That way we can pretend we are a good team.

  2. What the fuck do you mean by "we"?

  3. It's funny how realist only shows up after a loss.

  4. His handle should be Real-Ass.