Monday, October 23, 2006

Citizen K "Likes" This Award 10/22/06

Really, what's there to like about a game in which one of the few healthy All-Pros on the team, the team's undisputed leader and master-audibler, goes down with an injury, due to a bastardly, post-whistle "oops--I knocked out your QB" play? Not much at all, in Citizen K's opinion. As long as Hasselbeck and Alexander are out, he doesn't see much light at the end of the tunnel. The defense, led by Peterson, Tatupu, Hamlin, and the line, had multiple big stops when needed, just like last week in StL. However, they gave up WAY too many big plays, with Kelly Herndon (or the space he should have been occupying) typically right in the middle of each of them. Again, several three-and-outs by the defense in the second half had the offense in good position to come back, but without Hasselbeck is was impossible.

Josh Brown was likeable, although his kickoffs just as typically got shorter and shorter as the game wore on.

Citizen K noticed that Hutchinson got beat multiple times, which was quite liked. He was not a major factor in the actual game play, although his insight into the offense might have done more to down the Hawks.

Darrel Jackson was on fire (except for that incredibly stupid third down dive backwards instead of forwards for the first, which forced the team to go for it on fourth, which ended up costing them because Morris is not Shaun Alexander.)

And that's about it.

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  1. Kudos for manning up and posting an award, even in the face of the worst home loss in quite awhile.