Sunday, October 29, 2006

Alba's Dark Angel Award: Week 8

Click Image for Alba's Feelings on Almost Pulling This One Out!The first nod for a Dark Angel this week goes to the inventors of TiVo! My son had a 2:00pm EST pop warner game today, which directly conflicted with the Seahawks-Chiefs matchup, but thanks to TiVo, I was able to see every snap when we got home. Unfortunately, I turned the TV on at the exact moment they were showing the final score, so it was somewhat anti-climatic, but it was definitely worth watching.

Next up for Dark Angel consideration was fully-spleened rookie guard Robb Sims, who was mistakenly referred to as the spleenless Chris Simms by the announcers when he entered the game. Whether he's the full time replacement at left guard, or if Holmgren will platoon Spencer and Sims to keep fresh legs in the game remains to be seen, but the offense seemed to get moving in the second quarter when he got his chance to play.

I even gave consideration this week to the much maligned Kelly Herndon, for his heads up play on the botched field goal attempt which added seven points to the scoreboard and kept the Seahawks hopes alive. However, when you're a 195-pound DB and you try to tackle Larry Johnson on the one yard line using only your shoulder, there shal be no Dark Angel Award for you, even if I am your adoptive parent!

Seneca Wallace seemed to have this week's award wrapped up, engraved and heading to his mantle, until some ill advised throws in the 4th quarter, like the dump off to Mack Strong on 4th-and-15. Maybe if I withhold the trophy, it will give him extra incentive to "try harder" next week - you know, like AVIS - and he'll notch his first Dark Angel along with his first "W" on Monday Night.

No, there's only one player in today's game worthy of a Dark Angel, and that's none other than one-hand-catching, Lawrence-Taylor-like-ball-stripping Deion Branch! As Bloof says in his piece, this cat's not just an excellent receiver, he's a FOOTBALL PLAYER, who gives you full effort on every play. It would have been poetic justice if Branch's tomahawk chop, ball strip and recovery lead to the defeat of the Kansas City Mildslurs and their 70,000 Native-American-offensive chanting fans.

Thankfully, the Rams also lost today, which takes the sting out of this missed opportunity. And even though our pourous defense made this "a defeat clutched from the jaws of victory" there's a lot to be optomistic about.

Seneca can play. Shaun comes back next week. Boulware's not the problem. Ashworth isn't completely worthless. And we may have a creative solution to the gaping void left behind by Fuchinson.

(I can't wait until next Tuesday when I can safely laugh out loud at Steeler fans for losing to the hapless Raiders!)

P.S. don't forget to look for the hidden picture of Jessica!

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  1. Lend your Tivo to the defense and let them watch themselves last year, when they could stop a runner.

  2. You know, our OFFENSE made our defense better than they actually were last year.

    Our offense kept the ball for a LONG time in almost every game, scored early and often, making our opponents one dimensional and allowing our defense to key on either the run or the pass. They also kept the defense off the field for most of the game.

    KC did to us today what we did to everyone last year.

    It'll get better once SA gets back and folks have to respect our running attack again, and of course, we can start sustaining drives.

  3. "You know, our OFFENSE made our defense better than they actually were last year."

    You're absolutely right. When the other team is behind, you won't get run on near as much. In fact you can tee off on the QB, because you can expect him to drop back more.

    Heck, I bet if your offense is #1, you might even lead the league in sacks or something crazy like that.

  4. I still feel bad for Seneca...he played his ass off and the defense just didnt help at all...average defense, and we win that game.

    Shaun should be be back next week, but heres hoping he doesn't get 30+ carries against Oakland. It'll obviously be their game plan.

  5. LOL

    Did you ever read James Joyce's letters to his wife? Particularly appropriate, given your pictorial reference...

  6. ummm...I was going for the wedgie reference, Mr. Freud!

  7. I'm in love with Deion Branch. That man almost, just almost won us that game Sunday. That strip of his might have been one of the most heads up plays that I have ever witnessed. And he's only been here a few weeks. And that's not mentioning his Superman impression with a backwards one handed grab with those stylin' neon green gloves.

    It's too bad that Seneca fell short and decided to toss the ball to Mack with 4th-and-15. Not that I don't have faith in my man Mack, but hell, with 15 yeards to go and a defense that is wanting to get the game over with - Seneca, you don't throw a 2 yard pass.

    If I can offer my advice to Seneca...RUN THE FUCKING BALL. I think you must have surprised everyone with how damned fast you ran the first time you scrambled for a first down. The TV camera couldn't keep up with you. But I don't blame Seneca - he did what he was supposed to do in this game and kept us hanging in there. It's our defense that let us down.

    I'll be there in my endzone cheering you Seahawks on this coming Monday against Oakland.

  8. Good stuff pirate. That pass to Mack broke my heart a little bit.