Sunday, October 22, 2006

Week 7: Vikings 31, Seahawks 13 - Too Disgusting for Words

Just about everything that could wrong today DID go wrong today. Matt Hasselbeck played fairly well until Vikings linebacker E. J. Henderson rolled into his knee, spraining it and taking him out of the game. After that, everything went downhill for the 'Hawks. Seneca Wallace got picked off twice and fumbled once (which was recovered in the end zone for the TD). The defense allowed two flashbacks to SBXL (a 95 yard TD run by Vikings RB Chester Taylor and a TD on a pass from Vikings RB Mewelde Moore to TE Jermaine Wiggins).

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NFL referees are still alarmingly inconsistent in protecting their QBs, which they allegedly are supposed to do. Referee Walt Anderson watched Matt Hasselbeck go down and DOESN'T THROW THE F---ING FLAG! Henderson is down on the ground and instead of picking himself up, he rolls into Hasselbeck. Seneca Wallace gets his face mask grabbed (not bad enough for a 15 yard penalty, but enough for a five yarder) as he slides on a scramble and there is no call. Meanwhile, a questionable holding call on Walter Jones brings the play back. Obviously, these non-calls don't cost the Seahawks the game, but still are blatant enough to merit some concern.

Oh yeah, WHERE THE HELL WAS THE O-LINE TODAY? Still in St. Louis? The 'Hawks only had 52 yards rushing and allowed 4 sacks. I know Shaun Alexander is still out, but the Vikings got consistent penetration on most of the running plays. If Matt Hasselbeck wasn't good at eluding pass rushers, the Vikings would have gotten two or three more sacks.

The players of the day were Darrell Jackson and Julian Peterson. D-Jack had 7 catches for 136 yards and a TD (on a brilliant audible by Hasselbeck). J-Pete had 8 solo tackles, 4 assists, and 2 sacks.

NOTE: There is a better recap here.

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  1. Let the record show that it wasn't ME who posted a lead in to an AOL Fanhouse piece!

    Bummer to the Nth degree today. We had a chance to win with Matt in there, no chance once he got knocked out.

    Mo Morris is not a good running back. Cannot hit the hole with any authority, and falls down when a stiff wind blows. And what the hell was Holms thinking with a sweep left on 4th-and-1, when Mo hadn't gained a yard on that play ALL DAY??

    We probably were going to lose in KC anyway, given their crowd and our history there, so next week is a wash. Get Shaun healthy and hopefully Matt's not injured too badly, and let's get this train back on the tracks on Monday night against Oakland.

    God, I hope I won't be flying across the country in a couple weeks to watch Seneca Wallace and Mo Morris take on the NFC West leading Rams???!!!


  2. It's not like Henderson just blatantly rolled into Hasselbeck.... he had some help from a Mack Strong push, which the refs even signalled. Unfortunate event, but not Henderson's fault... a complete accident. Hopefully Hasselbeck can make a quick recovery.

  3. Watching the game on TV, it looked to me like Henderson was on the ground and rolled into Hass without being pushed. Watching the replay, I was starting to doubt what I thought happened, but when I wrote this recap I was pissed about the game and I decided to call it like I first saw it.

  4. I'm really not mad about losing the game but pissed about losing Hass. Hass is the heart and soul of this team and if he goes so does the season so please be ok, please.


  5. The Henderson hit did not look dirty at all. We need Hass to have any hope of doing anything but losing in the playoffs. Looks like I'll be traveling across the country to see the Rams play the Wallace-Morris lead Seahawks. Oh Joy!

  6. I was watching the game yesterday and even though our D was giving up stupid plays for TD's I still had faith that Matt would pull out a win somehow down the stretch. When he went down and then I saw him hobbling into the locker room I knew we were done for. I kept hoping to see him jogging back out onto the field (Since I was watching in a sports bar I didn't have the benefit of hearing the broadcasters to explain how bad the injury was, and my lip reading is not so good).

    Surprisingly, Seneca actually did ok. I thought they should have let him run around a little more early on and he might have gotten into a groove. His teammates needed to step up and make plays for him and they really did the polar opposite. Only DJ Hackett seemed to have some heart and sacrificed himself on a few nice plays.

    As others have said, KC was probably going to be a loss anyways, so no surprise if we don't win there.

    Hopefully they can get their sh%# together enough to beat the pitiful Raiders in 2 weeks.

    The secondary is down right awful, missing assignments on multiple occasions, and looking confused.They can't blame it all on Matt since he doesn't play defense, although maybe he should. Even with a bum knee he could probably cover guys better than these jokers.