Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mack Strong Kinda Freaks Me Out

So, be honest - How many of you were jumping out of your seat and pumping your fist Sunday, when Mack Strong plowed, jigged, and bolted for a 32-yard touchdown run? And how many of you were fit to be tied after it was called back on a holding penalty?

And how many of you felt a little bad for the Mackasaurus Strongimus, as he trotted back to the huddle in perfect team mode, not displaying even the simplest visible signs of disappointment?

I did. Sure, Hasselbeck and Jackson connected for a TD on the next play. But those guys get the glory all the time.

It was pure cool to see the geriatric fullback make a play that kids and even young NFL players dream about. And it sucked to see it yanked away. And you know, he really did feel it too - as he writes on

"That’s why I still feel great about the run even though it was called back. I’ve got it on Tivo, so I think I’ll hold onto it for a while and watch it a few more times. It was sweet. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do it again, and it can make a difference in a game."
But that really is Mack Strong in a nutshell -- he's all about getting it done, and not about who gets it done. The ultimate team player. The ultimate winning attitude. Work hard, get points on the board, never roll over, never say die, and maybe -- never retire?

Which brings up another point. He is officially freaking me out, looking better running the ball this season than I can ever remember. He's always had trouble changing direction and never been tremendously agile, but the walking, talking, fossil has been hurdling defenders, flying over piles, and now -- sprinting for touchdowns. He's in amazing shape for the beating he's taken and given. I don't quite get it. This guy played with Joe Nash, for crying out loud. He should be on the radio with Moon, but he's still grinding it out on earth.

I see a shoe-in for the ring of honor. Anyone second that?

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  1. Welcome Home Bluefoot!

    Yellow Ribbon and Huge Wood!

    We missed you.

  2. Best part of the run, no celebration, like he'd been there before. Not that I'm against the TD celebration, but none is even cooler. Since Douchey McFeedback didn't, I'll second it the RoH nomination.

  3. Not sure who this Douchey McFeedback dude is, but I get a feeling I'd like him! I'll third that ROH nomination, and am surprised that he's not up there already!

  4. I also agree that he should be inducted into the Ring, hell I say induct him in on his last game like they did with Largent.

    He's been a fixture with this team for what seems like forever. He was never flashy, and every off season it seemed like they would bring in someone who was going to replace him, but good ol' Mack would still be there to start the season. It's nice to finally seem him being appreciated, not only by the team, but by the national media for the great player and class act he is.

  5. All we need to do now is to send this post to everyone in the Seattle FO.

  6. Oh freaking sure...Blue-Butt makes a Mack artical and the posts are off the hook. I make one and it takes a week to get one single comment. Ass Kissers allayall.

    Hey Blue. That was my point, the man gets faster, stronger, and better with age. It is kinda weird but thats what happens to the humble. they shut up and do a good job never considering the acolades for themselves.

    In the ring of honor? Hardly...He is the ring of honor.

    Thats right, I said it.

  7. Welcome back, Bloof, now fix the seems to be fucked up!

  8. Welcome back. Definatly Ring of Honor material.

  9. I believe he will be in the Ring of Honor. Mack Strong has displayed nothing but proffesionalism throughout his career, all of which with Seattle. He won the Steve Largent Award seven times in a row (might have been six) his streak "snapped" by Trent Dilfer.

    He's the ultimate team player and he's done it on a tem that has not always had the chemistry nor the the talent to do anything. He is an example for younger players to look up to, but his story will never be told by the national media.

  10. Mack Strong is the man...and when I yell out 'PRO BOWLER!' you will know that I speak of him.

    That said, yeah hes automatic in the ROH, if not for his skills and attitude, but for his loyalty as it is.

    Finally, is the Ring Of Honor something each team has, or do they all have seperate names for their HOFs? The Ravens suddenly have a 'ROH' so I was wondering if they lifted it from us or not.

  11. Most teams have a ROH although they may call it something different. I may be wrong, but I believe that the Cowboys had it first.

  12. Agreed... The Cowboys had the first one I remember.

  13. Gotcha, thanks for the history lesson guys!

    One day...i WILL know it all! Gotta learn first. :)

  14. Remember, we're teaching you everything *you* know, not everything *we* know!