Friday, October 27, 2006

HOF Does What Others Couldn't

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced it's preliminary list for the Class of 2007, including 10 first-year eligible players, not one of them named Cortez Kennedy.

Kennedy, drafted out of the University of Miami with the third pick in 1990, made his first Pro Bowl in 1991, and was named Defensive NFL Player of the Year 1992, which was a tremendous honor given the fact that the Seahawks were 2-14 that year. Throughout his eleven year career with the Seahawks, he was named to the Pro Bowl 7 times, and is a member of the All Decade Team for the 1990s.

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  1. lol.


    I think it more has to do with him playing for Seattle as to him playing for bad Seattle teams. Seriously. Im taking the biased route. You telling me he wouldn't be first ballot if he played for Pittsburgh? San Francisco? Dallas?

    What a slap in the face. Same day the no fun league admits they allow teams to have 'fun' against Seattle when Henderson didn't get fined for the hit/chopblockthingy on Hass. Way to protect your---I mean our---quarterbacks, league.

    Tish tosh...thats all I have to say...tish tosh. I've been watching a lot of Frasier lately!

  2. NFL writers are idiots. Cortez Kennedy should be a first ballot hall of famer and he can't even get on the list his first year eligible.

    I hate to say it by why is Michael Irvin not in the hall yet.