Sunday, October 29, 2006

What I Learned From... My Heartbreaker Today

Sorry guys. I didn't mean to be foreshadowing in the gameday post.

But in the end, I think it is the Seattle defense that is the difference in this game. Will they contain Larry Johnson?

And so we have it. The Chiefs mopped Arrowhead Stadium with the collective face af the Seahawks' defense. It is what it is. But as always, I learned a few things in the process:

  1. Robs Sims took the backup LG job from Chris Spencer.
  2. When faced with a rookie RDE that is assigned containment in a pass rush, Tom Ashworth is tolerable at right tackle.
  3. Seneca Wallace is a legit backup QB. He could start on several teams.
  4. Ken Hamlin is still mistake prone.
  5. When in doubt, opponents should run right at Wistrom and Peterson.
  6. Julian Peterson is the Seahawks' best linebacker.
  7. Julian Peterson is the Seahawks' best defender.
  8. I miss Shaun Alexander more every game.
  9. Mo Morris is not the answer. Not with 12 carries/25 yards.
  10. Seneca Wallace has a stronger arm than Matt Hasselbeck -- inside 20 yards.
  11. Much of Darryl Jackson's success is because if his rapport with Hasselbeck. Without it, he fades deeply into average.
  12. Deion Branch is more than a receiver. He's a football player.
  13. This is hopefully Grant Wistrom's last season with the Seahawks. 10 tackles in seven games begs for using his roster spot with developing talent.
  14. Bob Cassulo should have his wife proofreading his resume by now.
  15. Deion Branch already has twice as many catches as Nate Burleson.
  16. Jerramy Stevens isn't in nealy as good of shape as last season.

That's all I got. I'm gonna go down a beer and play with the dog.

Go Seahawks. Rah.

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  1. 1. backup to whom? I'm wondering if Holms will continue to rotate Spencer and Sims in there. Pork should find his favorite spot on the bench, where he spent all of last season.

    2. I don't think it's fair to judge "fraud monitoring" on his pitiful performance in Detroit. The whole team was unprepared for what the Lion defense had to offer.

    3. That's what I'm worried about, which is that he doesn't play himself right into another Dilfer-esque off season trade.

    4. True, but the boy can still hit, even with his Steve Tasker-Great Kazoo overpadded helmet!

    8. & 9. A guy on Fox radio said of Maurice Morris and this being his walk year, "he's costing himself money with every carry!"

    11. I wouldn't be so hard on DJack either, especially after just one game. He usually runs deeper patterns that may not be the first option with a first-time starter. No surprise that a lot of passes went to Seneca's fellow scout teamer D.J. Hackett.

    14. Are you stealing my lines like Sando now? "this game may rest in the pudgy and soon-to-be-resume-writing hands of special teams coach Bob Casullo"

    15. True, but Nate's been injured and did show up briefly with a huge drive sustaining catch. Give this more time, it'll work out well.

    16. Which is why we shouldn't get too pumped about SA coming back on Monday. He'll do more for the offense due to his reputation than his actual yardage. I hope he proves me wrong.

  2. Robs Sims took the backup LG job from Chris Spencer. Uhh, who is the starter?

    Re 16, did he look bad? I didn't notice. I also ended up drunk, so my perception may have been off. They all looked about twice as big as normal. Re SA, you don't worry about him, Jesus gots his back.

  3. Isn't it funny how tiny Seneca Wallace looks when he's standing there talking to Holmgren, who's about a foot taller than our diminutive savior.

    And speaking of Saviors, the family of Reggie White wants me to ask you to qualify "which Jesus exactly" has SA's back!

  4. ALBA:

    1. I believe they consider Pork Chop still as the starter, because Spencer hasn't exactly outperformed him. Has Sims taken the starting spot? Possible, but doubtul.

    2. I didn't mean to judge Ashworth -- I was just relating the idea that he did fine, but he wasn't exactly challenged, either.

    3,4,8,9. Agreed.

    11. Last week D-Jack commented that he would have to run routes as they are in the playbook, and not adjust to opportunities like he did with Hass. This curtailed his potential, I believe. Then there is the fact that Seneca's stronger arm blew the ball right through him on a couple of occasions...

    14. That's a progression of the comment I made last week... See #16.

    So you stole from me, punk! Fork over that $8.50!

    15. I hope so.

    16. Agreed.


    Sims is the backup much the same as Seneca is the backup.

    Re: 16, Stevens' physical condition looks more like he did in 2004, before he got the memo from Ruskell "requesting" full commitment to "optional" off-season conditioning. IMHO.

  5. This team is set we can win and will make it to the playoffs.

    What i learned Marcus Tubbs is our best d-linemen because without him defenses can run all over us.

    I will be making an adopt a seahawk that will make a case for KJ to start coming later this week.

  6. The bright side is, the only direction left is up...this defense cant possibly allow Oakland to run over us.

    Im not going to be convinced that our team is overrated unless we somehow get dominated by Oakland. On paper, we're still the best team in the NFL...every player on this roster has proven themselves, save Placke and Jennings. (Both are proving themselves this year).

    So many things contribute to our breakdowns, even considering the defense has roughly been very healthy:

    1. First and foremost, as a cornerback, I take offense on this one. STOP BLAMING THE SECONDARY. Trufant in particular. CB is the hardest position in SPORTS to play consistently. Im sick of the secondary getting all the blame. I havent played NFL-calibur players so far, and even still---its impossible to cover a superfast receiver for more than 3 seconds. The receivers have the advantage---they know the pressure is on the CB. The CB has to anticipate every move the receiver makes...and with the pass rush sucking so far, the DBs are allowing big games. Yes, they secondary has been biting on pump fakes and PA passes, but why are they the only ones getting blamed for it? The whole team has been biting. Leads me to my next point:

    2. Ive said it a million times last year---I rather have 8 pressures and no sacks as opposed to 3 sacks and 3 pressures. We have still racked up sacks this year, but really...all the pressures we've had, have turned into sacks. Say we end up with 50 sacks this this pace, we'd prolly have 60 pressures total. Yeah, its great to have a sack, but the lack of consistent pressure lets the QB get comfortable, and destroys the secondary.

    3. Heart. Just give a shit, please. Do everything you can to force tackles. Show some emotion. Yell at your opponents. Talk smack...whatever it takes. Otherwise, im coming to give you John Henderson treatment---and not because you asked.

    Finally, on a side note: Is my J-BAG nickname sticking?