Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's a Banner Day at 12 Seahawk Street

Yesterday, I cleared out a bunch of old banners from the rotation, most that referenced 2005 contests. And this morning, I see that our own Bloof has already posted a new one (Never Give Up) which was exactly my motivation.

This is a call to all 12 Seahawks Street contributors, visitors and lurkers, to come up with some new banners for the rotation. To get an idea of existing banners, and the necessary dimensions, check out the Masthead Gallery.

To submit a banner, you can leave a link to it in the Comments section of this topic, or email it to me at albanyhawker@seahawkblue.com.

Now fire up that bootleg copy of Photoshop, and let's see what you can do!

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  1. I would send some, but its widely known im pretty horrible at it though its been explained to me several times.

    I am happy to send any pictures if anyone needs some. I do have some from this year, but not as many as last year. (for obvious reasons...we're 7 games in).

  2. NOTE: The banner size has changed to 805x225...

    Also, there is no longer need for a logo that says "12 Seahawks Street", that's what the street sign is for.(Thanks again, HLD)

    Just title it and sign, like the one I made above.

  3. did you trash the rest of the banners Bloof? They don't seem to be rotating anymore.

  4. Oh dear lord, am I going to have to not do any work today and fiddle with Seahawk images in Photoshop?

    You people are going to get me fired. If I do - before Mon nights game, all of you better buy me as many beers and sausage dogs I can handle before we head into the stadium.

  5. OK, but you only get one beer per donated banner!

  6. Here is one I made, old logo. I don't know what size it it, but obviously I gots mad skeelz.

  7. I like it!

    What's the title? I'll add it to the credit when I resize.

  8. Already beat you to it part-timer!

  9. Why don't you go hang out with Caveman on AOL punky. I don't need to talk to you!