Sunday, October 22, 2006

What I Learned From My Ass Kicking Today

Yeah, this game pretty much sucked. Losing Hasselbeck sucked. Offensive coordinators playing mind games with Seattle's safeties sucked. Watching graybearded offensive linemen get physically overwhelmed every other play sucked.

The list goes on, but it's not generally my habit to outline things like that. But it felt good at the moment.

Today's game revealed a lot, more than the usual unfortunate loss. With reserve players stepping in, and not necessarily up, we learned some things that we might not otherwise. So here's a list:

  1. Seneca Wallace is a legitimate backup quarterback.
  2. Mo Morris can't break tackles.
  3. Julian Peterson is a playmaker.
  4. When Hasselbeck is out, there is a huge leadership vacuum on offense.
  5. Steve Hutchinson knows how to block little linebackers named Lofa Tatupu.
  6. Micheal Boulware is mistake prone.
  7. Darryl Jackson is still Seattle's best WR, by a little.
  8. Walter Jones is still the best, but he's starting to show his age.
  9. Ken Hamlin is mistake prone.
  10. Ken Hamlin hits like a mutha.
  11. Willie Ponder is scared out of his mind.
  12. Nobody on defense tries to strip the ball.
  13. Seneca needs to run at least once per series.
  14. DJ Hackett is the slot receiver of the future.
  15. Seattle's defense plays great for 50 plays, but can lose the game with three stupid ones.
  16. Bob Cassulo needs to update his resume'.
  17. Ryan Plackemeier can be a weapon.
  18. On 4th and 1, call a friggin' bootleg when you have Seneca in the game.
  19. Matt Hasselbeck is missed.
  20. Shaun Alexander is missed.
  21. Jerramy Stevens is missed, even when he shows up.

Now pardon me while I try to comfort myself in my wife's ample bosom.

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  1. 10a. Jimmy Williams still has Igottamakeafaircatcheverytimeitus.

  2. On 4th and 1, call a friggin' bootleg when you have Seneca in the game.

    That play lost the game IMO. And I'm done talking about Mo Morris.

  3. Where the hell is Marquis Weeks? We friggin lost Kaz just to activate this stiff, yet he still hasn't seen playing time. Mo Morris runs in slow motion, can't hit the hole with any degree of conviction, and falls down if the defensive breathes on him heavy. Hell, at this point, I'd rather see Ryan Plackemeier lining up at tailback.

  4. JoSCh couldn't have said it better. Take out Mo's 27 yard run and the Hawks have 22 yards on 16 carries...and you're going to run behind Gray?! Yeah, DJac not getting the first down hurt, his dropped ball on the 2 hurt, but that 4th and 1 run play was the coffin, hammer and last nail all in one.

    There are two consistent problems:

    1. The O-line has problems. It's not about Hutch, or Floyd, or anyone else. Across the board it's not working. Every week it's a new excuse, but bottom line is that they're not making plays. It decimated the run game--nobody can be successful behind that blocking--and it's impacted the passing game. Just count the sacks and the yards/attempt.

    2. The defense seems to be overly focused on stopping the run. The safeties and LBrs are cheating up to stop the run and are consistently being caught, and giving up big plays over the top that extend drives and/or score. Players aren't maintaining their assignments. It'd give up Hamlin's big hits for covering a TE in the endzone on a half-back option pass everytime.

  5. Great post. I like this kind of constructive criticism a whole lot better than the wagon deserting kind on the AOL site. Holmgren is a pussy, I'm sorry, if you call a sweep on 4th and 1 you are a stupid asshole. Why on earth would you hand the ball back 3-4 yards behind the line of scrimmage when you need 1 yard and the defense IS COMIN'? When he did that I stood up and said "fuck you Holmgren, you stupid fat jackass!!!!" I was offended by that play, no I didn't pay any money to watch the game, but alot of people did and I've been a fan since childhood. Fuck you Holmgren. I honestly believe we still had a shot to win that game even after the 95yrd run that I refuse to believe happened. I love D-Jack, he's one of my favorite players on the team but that third down miss, dancin around like a bitch, pissed me off. What the fuck was that? FUCK!!!! Oh, BTW fuck Hutchinson too, he didn't do shit, we fucked up they didn't beat our ass, WE FUCKED UP.

  6. BigO - you might want to look up "constructive criticism" and then re-read your comment!

  7. I didn't say mine was constructive critiscism, I said that the post was. Chill.

  8. I agree with almost the entire post.

    The only downside is that I dont think DJack is the best WR on the team by a little...I think hes undisputedly the best WR on the field, before Branch came, and now. Not because hes been in the system forever, but because he just is. There are only so few WRs who can put up good numbers consistently, and Jackson is one of them. Hes an ELITE WR...yup, I said it. Branch will probably never be elite, but hes pretty close. I think Jackson is top 8 at least in the NFL, while Branch falls into the 15-20 range.

    Also, Walter Jones is STILL playing injured...honestly, I would like to see him benched for a game so he can heal...but then again, a hurt Walter Jones is still a good Walter Jones.

    I think point #15 was the best point made. Whoever said they seem to try to stop the run only, is pretty much spot on with me. Not for being mean, but I really hope every play the defense gives up, kills them inside. They dont sound as mad as usual...not even Lofa Tatupu sounds angry about it. I know id be pissed after giving up a first down, yet alone these ridiculous plays that end up costing us later.

    This was not what I had in mind when I said 'Seneca needs to be on the field more'...

  9. Weeks needs to get some PT, you forgot to put another person on the list who is missed, Leonard Weaver, it would be awesome to have him right now. It seems to me that Holmgren doesn't really think originally; like he plays Mo because Mo is the 2nd string back and that's that, he hasn't even given Weeks a single carry, it seems to me that Holmgren sees him as the 3rd string back and will only play him if Mo gets hurt. I don't get it, play them both alternatly that's called maximizing your assets, it seems like it'd be a nice change of pace, Mo is really good on the outside, on the inside, not so much. If I remember correctly Weeks looked pretty good runnin up in the middle of the pack and finding holes, I mean hell we got rid of our special teams "captain" for him, let the dude play, who knows he could be a baller, but then again maybe he sucks but at least we should be sure. Seneca is going to get killed if we can't muster up some sort of a run game, Mo's not getting it done, time to let Weeks have a shot.

  10. Big O Leonard Weaver is on then IR so he can't play even if he wanted to.

    I'm too pissed to say anything else just hope Hass will only miss 3 games and not more like Homgren said today.

  11. Big O Leonard Weaver is on then IR so he can't play even if he wanted to.

    I'm too pissed to say anything else just hope Hass will only miss 3 games and not more like Homgren said today.

  12. I know he's on IR, the Seahawks miss what he can do.