Monday, October 09, 2006

Player Spot Light Mack Strong

Who say's fullbacks can't jump? Center Robbie Tobeck has a theory on the leap.
"He's running so dang slow that they expect him to get there faster," Tobeck said. "And they go down to make the tackle, and they're already down before he gets there."

Strong countered by adding that he could leap Tobeck without even a running head start.

Mack Strong has to be the single most under rated football player ever to grace the NFL. When Mack is old an petrified you can just prop him up on the Gridiron and he will still preform like a rock. Now in his 13th year, Mack just keeps getting better with age.

He has a megar 821 yards rushing with a 4.0 average. not a bad average for a 13 year veteran. In the 408 times Mack has toted the rock for Seattle, he has fumbled the ball 8 times. He has only lost that ball 5 times people. 5. Maybe the powers that be weren't looking at the big picture. Maybe they featured the wrong back all these years.
A little known fact about the Mack Truck is that he has 72 defensive tackles, 13 kick returns for 237 yards thats an 18.2 yards average. Is it entirely possible that Mack should have been the feature back? The Man has 189 receptions for 1272 yards with a 6.7 yard average.
Three different tailbacks have posted 1000 yard seaons behind Mack's bone crushing blocks, Cris Warren, Ricky Watters and of course, Shaun Alexander. Mack has blocked for more but there isn't much need to mention Ahman Green or a few of the others.

One of the game's premier fullbacks, and finally recognized as such with his first Pro Bowl berth in 2005, Strong signed a three-year, $3.16 million contract. The deal includes a signing bonus of $500,000 and base salaries of $860,000 (for 2006), $870,000 (2007) and $930,000 (2008).
The new contract likely means that Strong, who originally signed with Seattle as an undrafted college free agent in 1993, and who served his first year on the practice squad, will spend his entire career playing in a Seahawks uniform.

Strong, 34, had said all along that his preference was to return to the Seahawks, the only team for which he has ever played, if their contract offer was a fair one. He had some discussions with the Miami Dolphins, but most of his substantive discussions were with Seattle officials.
Strong has spent his working life as a human battering ram. Defenders say he just beats on you all day until he beats you into submission. There are some things that you can just count on in todays NFL. The regular season games will play on Sunday and Mack Strong will suit up in Seahawks blue for as long as he plays the game.
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  1. A salute to Mack Strong, he's the man.

  2. mack strong is a class act and a phenomenal football player. he is the story book "unsung hero"