Sunday, October 29, 2006

Week 8: Chiefs 35, Seahawks 28 - Can I Get a DEFENSE?

Once again, the Seahawks defense looked like the 2004 squad as the 'Hawks lost to the Chiefs, 35-28. The Seahawks had the lead three times, including a 28-27 lead in the fourth quarter. However, the defense let the game turn into the Larry Johnson Show as he ran for 155 yards and 3 TDs and caught 2 passes for 26 yards and a TD.

Why do I keep refering to the 2004 defense? Because this year's D is showing the same alarming pattern. In 2004, the defense was ranked #1 after three games, then let the Lambs come back from 20 down to win, and dropped to #26 at the end of the season. This year, the D played well for 2 games and 3 quarters of the third, then almost let the Giants come back from 39 down. They haven't played a good game since, giving up 20 points to the Giants in the 4th quarter, 37 to the Bears, 28 to the Lambs, 24 to the Vikings, and now 35 to the Chiefs (I obviously didn't charge the pick-6 that Hasselbeck threw against the Giants or the fumble recovery in the endzone that the Vikings got against the defense).

I'll give the offense credit for putting up 21 points (and Kelly Herdon for that fumble return for the TD), even though the last drive was disappointing. With all the injuries on the offensive side of the ball and the defense healthy, the defense has to STEP UP NOW.

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  1. Usually the problem with the defense is big pass plays. That occured once again today but the biggest problem was wrapping up. We looked like the Ciefs defense not the Seahawks the way we were missing tackles. What the hellwrap up and stop him.

    I honestly believe that we really need Tubbs. I don't know why he was out but he can swallow up o linemen and give room for the line backers to make plays without him the line gets pushed around.

    The last play for the Seahawks just pissed me the hell off. What the hell was going through Wallaces head on that play, Its 4th and 15 don't freakin dump it off to the full back is he retarted or something. He even had the good time he could of held on some more.

  2. Don't panic!

    I agree that the defense sucked today in 2004 terms, but there is a LOT to be optomistic about.

    Seneca Wallace proved himself to be a cool customer, that last pass not withstanding. Maybe Holms will platoon Spencer and Simms at left guard to keep fresh legs in there? Our Special Teams actually did something special today, adding 7 points to the offensive jaugernaut sometimes called AVIS.


    If Shaun is indeed healthy and we can start running the ball again, that'll take pressure off Seneca and keep our defense off the field, which is a very good thing.

    Face it, last year's defense was good, but not great. It was the ball control offense and playing most games with a lead that allowed them to take chances and rank out better than what they are. This year, we're being exposed a little bit on that side of the ball.

    Oh yeah, bring back Boulware! He's obviously not the problem, and we can really use his hitting and run stopping abilities. How about we bench Tru next week and see what happens?

  3. I'll give the offense credit for putting up 28 points.

    Give 7 of those points to the ST, Herndon TD.

    Let's be realistic (but not realist!), this was one of the games we "expected" to lose. Agree with alb, not panic time yet. Hopefully SA and Hass come back fresh and go on a late season tear.

  4. Agree with alba.. -- JoSCh

    Maybe it's time to panic afterall!!!

  5. 'member last year,,, comments like "swarming to the ball,, gang tackles,, flying to the ball.

    Now it seems to be, arm tackles,, giving up big plays. They have it in themselves they just need a spark.

    Don't get me wrong I love this team, but they are not playing the TEAM card yet.