Sunday, October 08, 2006

Week 5: Bye Week - A Few Thoughts

Since I have no Seahawks game to recap this week, some thoughts popped into my mind that I want to share with everyone. They are not totally Seahawks related, but the 'Hawks have a small part in each of them. I'd like to hear everyone's opinions.

Thought #1: Who thought the Lambs would be 4-1 and have a half game lead in the division going into next week's game with the 'Hawks? The Lambs have their first outright division lead in two years. Will the 'Hawks put them in their place come next Sunday?

Alba has already started a war with Lambs' blogger Watchdog on the AOL Blogs. Come join the fun!

Thought #2: How 'bout them Cardinals? Did anyone besides their fans NOT think they would start out 1-4? (and in last place, even behind the 49ers, haha!) Does anyone think that Matt Leinart will turn the Cards into a threat when the 'Hawks head to the desert in Week 14?

Thought #3: How 'bout them Steelers? (or Stealers, if you prefer) Did they get the "Super Bowl Loser's Curse" instead of the Seahawks because the 'Hawks played a better game (except for a few choice plays and some bad officiating), or do you think they will bounce back and make the playoffs? Do you even care?

Do you even care about ANY of these questions?

UPDATE: A Lambs blogger has stolen our "flying underneath the radar" card used by Seahawks fans last year.

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  1. 1: They've played just well enough to win those four games. Unimpressive victories, for sure, but they're wins nonetheless. If the Hawks don't win next week, IMO, they're (Hawks're) not going to make the playoffs. Alba called it last Sunday: Must-Win Game. I agree wholeheartedly. Seattle needs to prove they're still The Man in the West; otherwise, the Lambs will win it by default.

    2: LOL Cards! Unfortunately, Leinart--despite his inexperience--is already scads better than Mr. Brenda. As long as Edgerrin James plays young, they're going to be an offensive juggernaut. Luckily for us, (by "us" I mean the fans, not the team,) that shouldn't last too long, given their general O-Line and defensive suckiness... Week 14 will be a tough game in any case; Hawks will either have the division sewn up or be fighting with St. Louis for it. Either way, the Cards will come to play, and may surprise the better team. I sure hope SA and Alleged Rap... (err, I mean Stevens) are back--at full strength--by then, and that the Hawks' O-Line has gelled, or the Cards could play the spoiler role.

    3: I don't care--last season's over. That said, they lost Randle-El, and Big Ben's been exposed as the superstar imposter he truly is--so their unlikely big play ability is virtually zilch. They got lucky last season; that kind of thing generally doesn't carry over to the next year. I really don't dislike them, but under the circumstances, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    (That said, the Hawks had better pull it together or the Pittsburgh fans will be justifiably able to say the same thing about our favorite club...)


  3. Of course, next week is a must win game for the 'Hawks. EVERY division game is. However, I don't think a loss will send the season into a complete nosedive. Then again, I'm a silly optimist. I predicted a 42-28 Seahawks win when I commented on a Lambs' blogger's post on their AOL blog.

  4. "I don't think a loss will send the season into a complete nosedive"

    I do. They'd be in second place by over one game, with the no tiebreaker, and with St. Louis' confidence soaring. It may not result in a "nosedive" for Seattle, but it definitely would result in a skyward soar for St. Louis--which is basically the same thing. They have an easier schedule, and have an actual existing running game and offensive line. Scary!

    As an optimist myself, I consider the Hawks' struggles as of late (five quarters) merely a temorary snag; but if it continues, one must be forced to downgrade their expectations... I'm hoping to not be forced to take such actions in regards to my (wholly inconsequential, as far as the big picture in life) sports rooting.

  5. #1: Yes. I do think the Seahawks will be the Rams this Sunday. It's just what the doctor ordered. The Seahawks will be rested and rejuvenated coming off the bye, and an over confident under-talented Lamb team should get us right back on track.

    #2: You forgot to include every dime-a-dozen media pundit and talking head to that group of AZ Cardinal fans who were under the mistaken impression that they would be good this year. Lienhart will do some good things, only because they'll be out of any contention and playing the spoiler role.

    #3: I'll admit that I'm not above being bitter, and now HATE, HATE, HATE the Steelers, Big Ben and the tongue-kissing big-jawed coach in particular. I loved the second half of that game last night, and can't wait until the fans start calling for Big Ben's head. I can't believe all the leeway he's getting for the off season accident and appendix surgery. He's just not a QB that can carry his tteam to a TD when they really need it. Besides, about half the dads and coaches on my son's PW team are Steeler fans. Phuck playoffs for trophy stealing wannabes!

    #4: Yes, I deeply care about these questions and any other insights the other contributors to this site may have. This should be a fun week, so let's bring our A-games to the board.

  6. 1. This is a scary game, just like last year's game in STL was. It's about as close to a must win game as you can get in the 5th game of the year. The Rams have kinda been winning with smoke and mirrors, but have been winning none the less. Marc Bulger "in his pants" has been playing well and the passing game seems to be clicking, which will be a problem if we cannot get pressure on the QB again. Seem like their D is pretty soft and will give up some points so this will probably be a shootout. Matt has just gotta keep his sh%# together and stop making Favre-ish mistakes. If our D returns to form and we cut out the mistakes I think we squeak this one out, 34-28.

    2. The Cards will be tough by the end of the year. Leinart seems to be a good match for the offensive talent. Their O line is the biggest problem, not being able to protect the QB. If they some how gel, look out. Lots of talent on that side of the ball. I know it's clichéd but they also need to learn how to win games. I was listening to the KC vs. AZ game yesterday. They were leading most of the game, but KC kept coming back and eventually took the lead by 3. Leinart gets the ball back with no timeouts and like a minute left. He drives them to within FG range (a 50 yarder) with time running out but Neil "Nice" Rackers, one of the best kickers in the NFL, misses. Typical of a losing team finding a way to lose close games.

    3. I could really care less what happens to the Steelers. For whatever reason I don't have any bad feelings towards them. Mostly because I think it really wasn't their fault about what happened in the SB. They just took advantage of what opportunities were given to them. If the calls had gone the other way and the Seahawks won the game, I wouldn't have felt too bad for them. So no hard feelings there. The refs were the ones who screwed us in that game, not the Steelers. They weren't that great of a team last year anyways. They just clicked at the right time and had some lucky breaks (missed FG by Indy). Now they have even less offensive talent, and a QB who's head went through a windshield, so it might be a long year for them.

  7. So now you all think that if we lose two games we won't make the play-offs. What a crock. Do I think we need this win to re-establish dominance of the division? Yes, but it by no means means that we will not make it to the goal line again. That being said. If we want to re-establist NFC dominance, we damn straight better win, and keep winning to get back what the Bears took from us....Home field advantage. We gotsta have it.

  8. Must win game? I don't think so. Not in week 5.
    Important game, ya sure and it's one we should win against a division rival but it's in no way a do or die game.

  9. 1, I certainly didn't think it, I didn't believe their D would show up at all. They have thus far, although against who as pointed out above... Alleged rapist scores twice, run defense is stellar, Seahawks roll.

    2, I am a bit surprised, I thought their D would show up, they certainly have talent, but they didn't. I think Leinart will be a good, possibly great QB, but until the coaches and culture change in the desert he'll only be useful for fantasy football (like P Manning).

    3, Honestly, after week 3 and during their bye, I couldn't have been happier. Now I kinda (just a little) feel sorry for the Stealer fans I know. I guess I'm soft like Stevens. I don't think they make the playoffs.

    I think this game is as close to a must win as a 3-1 team can have, but a loss doesn't ruin the season, but will make the road to and in the playoffs tougher.