Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Alba's Dark Angel Award: Game 6

Click Image for Alba Illustrated MessageThese awards are hard enough to do after a loss, but when you lose your starting quarterback and get beat handily at home to a less talented team, the task is even more difficult.

In a perfect world, this award would either go to Maurice Morris, for finally getting into a grove and chewing up some running statistics, or to Seneca Wallace, for coming in cold in relief of an injured Hasselbeck, and rallying the team to a victory.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is not perfect, and are rooting for a team that is has proven to possess many different flaws.

We saw a couple of valiant attempts to secure a Dark Angel Award on the offensive side of the ball, where Darrell Jackson was doing his "unlucky hooker" impression, by catching everything! However, his perplexing and inexcusable decision to lose yardage after making a first down catch, left him a few lumens short of full halo wattage.

Ryan "Your weapons are useless against my enormous and manly thighs" Plackemeier also nearly picked up another Dark Angel Award, for pinning the Vikings deep and nearly having the coffin kick of a lifetime. Unfortunately, it rolled into the end zone instead of out of bounds at the one, so he'll have to make due with his weekly glossing from Alan again.

It is important to note that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, on the defensive side of the ball got even a sniff for the Dark Angel Award this week.

I'd like to bestow this week's award on Matt's guardian angel, higher power, deity of choice, or whatever was responsible for protecting his knee from a more severe Carson Palmer/Dante Culpepper type injury, leaving us with hope for a strong push for the final quarter of the season. However, you can't give a virtual award to an entity that you cannot see, so it'll have to go to someone on the roster.

So, D.J. Hackett, step up and be fitted for your wings!

Even though he only carded 4 catches for 37 yards, it seems like everytime he's making a grab, it's for a first down or at a crucial point in a drive. He also deserves credit for always being prepared, even though he was inactive for the first few games of the season, and is out performing some guys on this roster who haven't made a meaningful catch in several weeks. *cough*Burleson*cough*

Instead of whining about playing time, or bitching about his relative financial position, all he does is come in and make catches. And afterall, isn't that what you expect your wide recievers to do?

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  1. Nice choice. Hackett was one of the few bright spots for the Hawks.
    RE Burleson, I feel sorry for him. The "big" FA acquisition, he struggled early, was supplanted by Branch, and now gets even fewer looks than Hackett--and those few bones he is thrown are generally hurried, off-target, last-option hucks. Not a recipe for success.

    I'd bet he gets even less passes thrown his way with Hasselbeck out, too, as I figure Wallace will be keying on Jackson and Branch as much as he can.