Sunday, October 15, 2006

Week 6: Seahawks 30, Rams 28 - Back to Where They Belong!

Josh Brown kicked a last-second 54 yard field goal to give the Seahawks a thrilling 30-28 win in St. Louis. The Seahawks came back from being behind 21-7 to take a 27-21 lead with 10:33 left to play. The rest of the game was full of mistakes by both teams. Lambs' QB Marc Bulger finally got picked off by Lofa Tatupu with 3:09 to go. Unfortunately, Mo Morris fumbled twenty seconds later and the 'Hawks couldn't tack on any insurance points. Then Bulger completes a 67 yard TD pass to Torry Holt (who bobbled the ball, but caught it and ran away from Tatupu to score) to tie the game and the Lambs kick the extra point to take the lead. One small problem for the Lambs, though. They give Matt Hasselbeck 1:38 to drive down the field to set up Josh Brown for the game winning field goal. Timeouts? Matt don't need no stinkin' timeouts! He still got the job done. The field goal would have only been 49 yards if Nate Burleson would have LINED UP ON THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO. The illegal formation penalty had Lambs' HC Scott Linehan jumping up and down and the Lambs' bench emptying onto the field. They thought there would be a 10-second runoff, ending the game. Fortuneately for the 'Hawks, the runoff only happens when the ball isn't snapped. The 'Hawks offense legally snapped the ball, so there was no runoff of time, only the 5 yard penalty for an illegal formation. Josh Brown nails the 54 yarder (the dude has become clutch with the game on the line), and the Seahawks put the Lambs back in their rightful place (second, of course) with the win.

I only saw about half of the third quarter and the fourth quarter, so I will leave the breakdown of the game in the very capable hands of the commentors.

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  1. Why not post it on 12SS, Benedict Arnold?

  2. The game exhuded from me a big, stunned, WOW.

    In the first half, I was disgusted. Not just from the performance of the players, but on Holmgren's play calling. He had so completely abandoned the run, that St. Louis was teeing off on Hasselbeck on first down, blitzing from the edges with utter disregard for the run, resulting in some hard sacks and failed drives.

    But then I have to give Holmie credit. His halftime adjustment -- part attitude, part strategy -- was spot on. Lambasting (fitting verb, no?) the players and committing to the run was exactly wat was needed to open up the passing game.

    Props to Hasselbeck, too. The guy is nails. He gets brutalized, only to come fighting back. It there any question who's offense this is?