Friday, November 10, 2006

2006 Seahawks Midseason Report

Fresh off a rain-soaked victory that I witnessed in person, the Seahawks have at times hummed but mostly sputtered and limped their way to the season’s halfway point.

Eight games in is a neat and symmetrical (if arbitrary) point to take stock of the season so far; to revisit preseason thoughts and see how the team has lived up or down to them. Through eight games the Seahawks’ performance has been almost perfectly negatively correlated with my preseason predictions. Virtually nothing other than the record has happened the way I thought it would.

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  1. Tubbs is vital to the defense and i hope every one understand that now. The boy just ate up running lanes in run plays and why do you think Rocky had so many sacks last year. Tubbs is the best lineman we have and we dearly need him back.

    The only way a team can give up a deep pass is if a reciever runs a deep route and the Qb has time, putting pressure on the Qb quickly eliminates the deep play ask the Steelers CB's.

    Come on if the QB has as much time as we allow on those plays eevn Champ Bailey will get burned a few times. It's that hard you can't do it. QB pressure does the job put Tapp in on more plays dam it, he can actually rush the QB.

  2. If nobody else did I enjoyed the mid season report DC and hope you continue to do them every year

  3. thanks meezy. it's part of my therapy ;-)

    great win yesterday. it'll be interesting to see this from a football outsider's DVOA perspective. i feel like we waaayyy outplayed them and that the score was artificially close. the two fumbles could have been killer.

    the defense looked like a much closer approximation to last year's unit that let you move it between the 20s but made you settle for FGAs.

  4. thanks meezy. it's part of my therapy :-)