Sunday, November 12, 2006

Seahawks 24, Rams 22

What a game. Seahawks win on a lot of strange stuff, including a ST PR from Nate Burleson. Thanks to Incognito for going, well, incognito and helping us out on a 15 yard penalty to set up a nice kick return. The Rams made me scratch my head as they went for it on 4th down twice in field goal range---one was 4th and 5---and failed both times. Thanks to a little luck, a lot of our backup clutch skills, and the Rams pure stupidity, we're well on our way to the playoffs, in SPITE of injuries.

Chris Spencer played at C with Tobeck out, and played phenomenal. DJack was awesome. Hackett was clutch. Branch was solid. Mo Morris was awesome. Seneca did great outside the two fumbles. Our defense was back to bend and dont break, and came up big every time it needed to, save the final Rams DRIVE. Placke sucked. Scoobs was horrible save for his big tackle to end the game. Our special teams weren't helping, but in the end, they saved the day. Josh Brown hit the clutch game winner from 38 yards out. This leads one question:

At what cost. We lost Mo Morris in the final seconds of the game to what appeared to be an arm injury. Orlando Pace tore his biceps, and should be done for the year. Travis Fisher went down again. Only two guys on our final injury list played in the game---Babs and Burles. Tubbs was put on IR. DD Lewis might soon follow. Hopefully next week, we'll be much healthier. We're 6-3 with several guys on IR or inactive from injuries...and with a TON of guys playing while injured. Wait until we get healthy. Endure the bad to reap the sweetest rewards. :).

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  1. Beautiful game Wonderful win hope everyone from the Seahawks Blue and Alba enjoyed being at the game as much as I enjoyed watching it.

    Burleson earned his check in that one play alone or atleast he did in my hart cause that won the game.

    Spencer looked real good. Someone should teach Ashworth that its his job to block the defensive end cause he is the one responsible for the Rams defensive touchdown.

    D-Jack well play like that is what makes him my favorite player.

    My boy Kelly Jennings looked real good in coverage but he still looks like a tooth pick compared to everyone else.

    I hope Morris is okay and he played one hell of a game. We can't affor to lose him so hope it nothing important.

    The defense got consistent pressure even though not that many sacks or turnovers.

    Rams fans should roast Scott Linehan for being such a stupid coach. I was wondering why he was risking a challenge when it was gonna be 4th down anyways then he goes for it, if I were a lamb I would roast Linehan this week.

    Why was Jimmy Williams playing and did anyone see Boulware cause i never saw him, I thought he would be in on the nickel packages but hey i missed him.

    This is our division and as Cris Carter said no other team could lose both there starting Quarterback and Runningback and still win.

    Saints lost so we have the same record now if we can keep winning and get everyone healthy we should be in position to at the very least get a first week bye if not homefield advantage through out.

  2. Cudo's to Mo,, great game. He is really comomg out.

    When was the was the last time anyone on the Hawk's ran a kick of anykind back?

  3. Great post!

    Amen about Spencer - He played a heckuva game. Although I wonder who really is to blame on that sack/fumble that resulted in a touchdown. It just as easily could have been the protection Spencer called at the line, or Seneca for that matter.

  4. Great point on Boulware...I didnt notice him at all, either. I did notice Williams, too. Who knows what is going on. Maybe Holmgren was letting Williams play in the nickel given the Rams receivers, and the fact that Williams is a true corner...I dunno, that was strange, either way. Guess Williams has to do something after he officially lost his job to Burleson on the PR.

  5. That is insane...look at the above post I made responding to Meezy...4 straight Williams off the left margin...what are the freaking odds.

    Ibboydb - The last time we had one was 2003, according to this one dude who posted on Sando's site. Honestly, if its true, I dont remember it.

    Blue - Blame it on the rain. : ).

    Guys, isnt is sweet that Bulger has thrown two picks, both against us, including one that ended his bid for a record? Ahhhh always fun when you beat the Rams. These two are becoming my favorite matchup outside of the Sonics-Suns games.

  6. Oh, and dont forget Herndon. Not sure how great he was, but he did get a hand on a few balls...which doesn't sound right.

    Wonder how Babs was...didnt pay too much attention to him, either. Big play Babs. Big play Burles. Hmmm...drama.

  7. adp, you are killing me. First with the Williams quartet and Herndon's questionable hand placement.

    What else...? Did Carter really say the 'Hawks are the only team that could lose their RB and QB and still win? I missed that, but that's quite a compliment, I must say.

    Where are all those pundits that questioned D Jacks output with Branch coming in? Right now, DJack is the franchise WR, and he has been for a long time.

    We all may have been too quick to jump on MoMo, because the last coupla weeks he's shown me what he can do when the O-line actually blocks. Again, praise Porkchop (who understands that you need to block the line first, then worry about the 'backers on running plays) and kudos to Spencer who looked much more comfortable at his natural position.

    Two random stupid announcer points:

    1) They questioned if the handle on the snap would be a problem because Spencer is not the starter. But didn't consider that Seneca is also the backup and has probably taken more snaps from Spencer than from Toebeck.

    2) Did you hear them actuall call out somebody getting tackled at the 51 yard line? If that was the case, I have front row tickets on the 51 yard line that I'd like to sell you....

  8. I guess you beat me to posting the recap, adp. I really don't have anything to add besides, "BREAK OUT THE BROOMS!!"

  9. "Wonder how Babs was"

    He dropped an easy pick in the 4th quarter that would have iced the game, and was involved in the Pamplona bull-running on Jackson's score. He did have several good plays. He's kinda small for a safety, but I can't argue with the results with him starting (2 wins.)

  10. Williams
    Williams had a nice open-field tackle on third down to save the first in the fourth. Does that make sense?

  11. Whoa, twice you guys did the quad-line Willie thing in the same thread... It must be an omen...

  12. Hahaha nice check. The 51 yard line, in particular.

    As for Momo, I think the biggest difference is that he is fighting for yards. When he spins, jukes, goes "Grease" on the defense...he seems to slither for more yards. I still think the oline has a lot to do with it obviously, but his two big games coincided with the oline's play and his ability to break tackle for once.

    Personally, id like to see him split carries with Shaun for a game or two when Shaun is ready...and assuming that Momo is fine.

  13. In all the wet excitement yesterday, I forgot to make myself mental notes concerning the game.

    I was glad to see the dropped passes kept to a minimum - especially from Stevens, and it was good to see him score a TD.

    Seeing Mo rush like that really reaffirmed my faith in him - I never lost it, but he was straining it before these last 2 weeks.

    The only thing that made me mad was our last 4 downs to win the game. I wanted to see a shot or two into the endzone to put the game away. But I understand the situation - we needed to burn away the Rams' timeouts, we didn't want a sack or a fumble or an interception.

    But sometimes, playing conservatively drives me crazy.

    PS: I somehow missed ya'll at the tailgating. I'm sad.