Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Alan's D.O.G. vs Saint Louis

Hey remember when I did this all the time? Weren't those days awesome? Relive the good old days when we handed out Extremely Corny Bronze Racecar's like nobodie's business. I'm so happy to be back, I give out some ribbons as well.

See what all the fuss is about over at Alan's Drive of the Game.

Plack Report will be coming soon as well.

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  1. I new that if I waited long enough, my favorite D.O.G. would eventually find it's way home! Good doggie. Now don't go running away on us again!

  2. If somehow the Seahawks could engineer a 160 yard drive, that would be the greatest drive ever.

    There have been a few times they've nearly had the opportunity. Thanks Gray and Ashworth.

  3. There's JoSCh, the everpresent ray of sunshine!

  4. Get bent, I've been grumpy. Just turned 35, quitting smoking, and my wife is pregnant (which is good news, but man is Mrs. JoSCh bitchy!).

    Alan, sorry foh ruininguh yoah black panthah pahty.

    At least now I can restart the best running back award.

  5. Actually, I laughed pretty hard after reading that comment.

    Congrats on the upcoming baby, and good luck with the smoke quitting.

  6. Hell, I just turned 45, and would have figured you to be mid-thirties after that "get bent" blast!

    Kudos for you for quitting smoking. Hopefully you didn't enjoy your last cigarette shortly after the conception, otherwise, that might explain why you're so grumpy!