Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Here's To Getting Old Friends Back!

As I look forward to the Monday Night Football game this week, I can help but get excited about all the old names and faces that are making their way back into the starting line up.

Seeing Shaun return to action last week, even in a losing effort, is reason enough to be thankful. However, getting our field general back in action, under the national spotlight, against a pseudo-rival is HUGE! "We want the ball and we're going to score" can be paraphrased to "We've got our starters and we're going to win!"

And speaking of starters, where the hell have all the regular contributors to the Street disappeared to? With apologies to Mike and ADP and others who have been sustaining this site this season, I miss the "old neighborhood gang" from last season.

Bloof, JoSCh, Alan, CitK and even check have made cameo appearances, but it's nothing like the constant banter that we had last year. Monkey is just M.I.A. and I'm ashamed to admit how much I miss his rants. There are 23 contributors listed in the lower left section of the front page, but only a handful have shared more than few topics on this site since the beginning of the season.

I know my interest has been fragmented by my Seahawks Fanhouse gig, but I still try to make a few exlusive posts this site to keep it active. Should we be actively solicting new contributors from other fan forums? Should we send out the search dogs to find our old "regulars?" Or should we just phase out the Street?

I'd like to know how others feel.

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  1. Keep the street alive. Long Live The Street Everybody Come back.

  2. Let's keep the street going. We probably need to look for new contributors and jettison ones who haven't been doing anything. Alba and Ufford are good writers, but this site is MUCH better than the Seahawks' part of AOHell's FanHouse.

  3. I've made the unfortunate realization that schoolwork is more important to me than entertainment (AKA the Hawks.) Sorry.

    I've noticed that ever since that Seahawks Blue site (or whatever--I've never been there) came online a while ago we've had a lot fewer posts. How about merging the two sites somehow?

  4. As a contributor that was MIA a couple of years ago myself, I was very pleased to see that I was welcomed back as a writer to these digs when I returned.

    Lets keep 12 street excluseive to our own homage.

    I see the list of contributors has grown, but I also beleve that we should, as contrubutors, have assignment responsibility minimums that we should adhere too. Say one game write up and a feature artical per week, per contributor, to keep things moving.

    Vigorous advertising could bring more hits and possibly, revenue.

  5. Are you saying im not under the 'Old Neighborhood' category? Im one of the very few guys who saw life before Alba around here : ). (just busting your chops).

    Monkey is the obvious one, from his good rants, to his consistent keys to the game, all the way to his humorous banter with Monster.

    Cit K drilled it. I understand the Blue has more people, and is easier to zip through everything, but when it showed up, this site started faltering. Again, this is nothing against the Blue, but it seems like newcomers are chosing that site over ours, despite us being the ones that direct them to it when it was starting to become popular. I think the farthest we can merge the two sites has already been done. (Clear links from each site to the other).

    I dont think the Street is dying...I just think its staying even. It hasn't gone backwards at all...just a stand still.

    There are less posts in part, because the Blue covers all the injury reports, minor signings, blah blah...for the Street, its a little more pointless to put them up when you can find them there. Obviously the major things, or the discussion topics should stay around---and they have.

    This site will not go down until someone kills me. I was here for a long time, and its my #1 site. I will keep it going by myself if I have to.

  6. Keep in mind, the Blue seemed to spurt rapidly when it used the Texas Hold Em Poker. Thats why I started going there in the first place.

    Perhaps a gimmick is needed? They come here, too...some even post here, but usually from links Alba or Bloof had put up that directs him here to read.

  7. Ah, one more thing (I know, shut up already!) : )

    I think recruiting would work. Best site to do that would probably be Seahawks Insider (Scout, not Sando), and whoever is left thats worth getting from the papers.

    Maybe the word needs to go out again. Get this site enlisted in more sports directories. I dont think I told anyone, but I signed this site up to a few different others who search for anything Seahawks, could come across it.

  8. Russian Roulette11/24/2006 04:34:00 PM

    I have been reading the site for a good two? years now...i have to admit i stopped reading it this past postseason and just stuck to the sando blog...just seems like there is less original content here than there used to be. that is what this site has been about to me, original content from creative writers, rather than just reporting all the signings and injuries. there was commentary and different opinions on every single thing that happened, whereas now there's basically just game recaps and (sorry this is just my opinion) contributors trying to promote themselves rather than the site. that's all for now...

  9. I certainly hope the site stays around.

    I'll be the first to admit that I can't post regularly but I also think sites go through some ups and downs.

  10. Please keep this site running. I've been busy with school and the such and haven't been able to post or banter as much as I did last year. Its not just there though, I've even been ignoring my fantasy teams (handing over football fan

    I think Seahawk Blue has made this site not as exciting, as all of our posts go over there now. I love that forum, and everyone there is awesome, I just think that when you have that forum, this blog, the PI and Times forums to patrol (some of us do all that, I don't, but I'm sure there are a few that do) it gets stretched thin.

    Perhaps a double dose of the DOG and the NFC West Update are due this wekk. I'll see what I can do!

  11. That's the spirit!

  12. I take a week of vacation and you guys think the blog is coming to an end? Get a hold of yourselves!!!

    This site will never die. It may slow down sometimes, but it won't die.

  13. And I thought MD's had a God complex! Keep it up, Blue.

  14. Sorry bitches, I'm just like the Cusack character in High Fidelity, I'm a critic, not a creator. Cept I don't get fantastically laid in a car during a rainstorm. Or hit on by hot musicians. Or work in a record store. Or hang out with Jack Black. Just the critic part. Oh, and this post suxxxx!

  15. Oh but spelling 'sucks' with a bunch of x's made it all better. Way to put the cherry on top.

  16. I accidently left out an s when I typed in the URL and found the beta worried for a second that the site had been taken down!

  17. The Street Shall Live On!!

    I've been absent for a while now, and will be for a short while more, life has been extremely hectic here (moving a girlfriend down from Idaho, new responsibilities at the job, moving to a new place, etc. I'm still following the Hawks as closely as ever, even closer now because I have Sunday Ticket, but no internet at the house, and no time at work. But I will be back!

    And for those of you coming to the Hawks game here in AZ, You can find me tailgating there at 8:00 AM.

  18. Pauli, You have sunday ticket and no internet... Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    My name is MaxHawk and I am a 12 Street Writer. I chose my moniker because I am Maximum Seahawks. I am the guy at the pub that fires everybody up. beleive me, you know I am there during the game. The reason I chose this site is because of it's original content. It's not bogged down with stat mongers all saying the same damned thing.... usually. If I want stats, I have plenty of places that I can zip to for the generic Bull. People don't freak out when a word or two of dicresionable nature gets used. There is no slander, no vulgarity and it's void of Assholes. (ok, ok, That whole Linda lovelace and pole comment was a bit vulgar, but we get desperate during the offseason and our discression lacks a little because we have totally lost focus.

    Trust me, if this site goes down I will personally Jack the patent rights, (we have those right?) and make it bigger, faster, and stronger than before. I have the technology.

  19. On a personal level, my lesser involvement is because I'm more busy at work this season than last. It's where I surf and post. But with that said, I think there are some other changes that had occured organically at the site that makes me visit less:

    1. Getting the posts via email. Once I signed up for that service I no longer was checking the site every hour to see what had been posted. Consequently, I wasn't on the site chatting. Maybe that was why everyone encouraged me to sign up for the email thing? I could read the gist of a post and only went to the site if someone posted something I thought was compelling--and wanted to comment. The site doesn't feel like a destination spot to me now.

    2. Things have gotten a bit stale. I can feel the flames coming... I completely respect everyone's efforts and get a lot of enjoyment from them. I'm not saying people's post aren't good. Quite the contrary. However, it seems like there's 4-6 theme posts that make up the bulk of the content--and there's only so much bandwidth. When I started lurking it seemed like there was a lot more variety in the posts. Weird, bizarre angles that you didn't see in the main streem media. To me that made the street a destination.

    3. Bfoot and Alba. Yea I'm blaming them personally--just kidding. But I think the site owes a good portion of its past success to their constant nurturing. They taken on some new persuits, and good for them, but I don't think we've filled the vacuum. We've continued to post, but it's not quite the same.

    4. This has been a weird season. I'm not entirely sure I can articulate this, but between the Monday night games, Thursday night games, Shawn's injury, Matt's injury, I just don't feel the usual intensity this season. Typically, the day after a game I begin thinking about the next game, but this season not so much. There just doesn't seem to be the usual rhythm to the season. It also could just be that after last year's success, there's so much more coverage and interest, you don't have to look for your hawk fix like before?

    Infrequent contributor and genuine *

  20. Great observations all, especially Bok.

    We need some new contributors with new whacked out angles and prespectives.

    Glad to see SOMEONE is actually using the email alerts too!

  21. First off, I never signed up for the e-mail alerts and every stinkin' time somebody around here farts dust, I get another freaking e-mail. Un-sign me Alba, I love this place but during the game and the following Monday, I get 62 e-mails. Wouldn't be so bad but all I get in the mail is the lead in. Not the new post. GAWD!

    Ok, I feel better now. Alba and BF, I would like the contributors to have an admin lounge where we can discuss policies and problems concerning the site and posters amungst ourselves. We had one at the http:/ where I was the NFL and NFL teams admin and it worked out very well.

  22. As a contributor to the blog, you have to be signed up for email alerts, so that stuff you post can get sent out to others who are signed up. However, I can change your setting to "no mail" which will preclude you from receiving your own stuff.

  23. I'm not sure what you mean by recieving my own stuff. Do you mean when I make a post or topic it won't send me an email notifying me of what I already know I did, like it does?

    And what about the admin lounge? I think the admins/contributors had to have 86 percent access to the site to access the admin topics at FSB.

  24. I only get alerts when there is a new topic. Is there a way to get alerts to each post in each topic? Is that what you're referring to Max?

  25. I mistyped there, it shouldn't have said "own stuff".

    ADP - only new TOPICS are distributed through the email alert system, which is basically just a YahooGroups listserve. Comments are not distributed.

    The way listserves operate is to send out to everyone who is subscribed, every message that is received, even if it came from yourself.

    Only contributors can send messages to the listserve. This is why all contributors must be subscribed, so that when they post a new topic on the blog, it gets submitted to the listserve.

    I can, however, change a contributor's account on the listserve to "NO MAIL", which allows his posts to be submitted TO the list, but keeps him from recieving any messages FROM the list.

    That's what I just did for Max.