Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Will Jerramy Stevens Ever Be Great?

Thanks to Joey Porter during Super Bowl week, and a knee to his groin during the MNF game with the Raiders, the whole world knows who Jerramy Stevens is. Too bad none of it has to do with his skills as a tight end.

And since I'm one of his sole defenders on the various Seahawks fan boards, allow me to introduce him to you. Jerramy Stevens is the incredibly tall, deceptively fast, under-achieving starting tight end for the Seattle Seahawks with a checkered past and an unknown future.

Listed as 6-7 265, he's bigger than most NFL tight ends, and when he's on his game, he shows signs of being one of the best. However, since dropping several key passes in the Super Bowl, and missing the first 6 games this season due to injury, the flashes of brilliance have been few and far between.

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  1. yeah he has potential to be great but the question will he is all up to him. If he gets his head on straight and catches the easy balls he will be up there.

    He has the size to win almost every battle but unfortunatley he is EXTREMELY SOFT...


    It is so sad because with his physical skills and this offense he could be making annual trips to the ProBowl.

    I also feel that Holmgren has such a soft spot for him that it hurts his growth. Remember K-Rob. While that's an extreme example, has he ever been benched when healthy? After drops?

    While I wanted to defend "a Seahawk" when Sapp called him a punk. I found it interesting that the only teammate who said anything was Julian..and that was to say hew hated playing against him when as a 49er. The smack talk and skills bugged him equally.

  3. This Packers game was typical Stevens...a bunch of dropped balls...some coming after physical hits and then a conversion catch and a touchdown catch. Look, we all give Hasselbeck the benefit of the doubt after a rough first half. I guess Stevens deserves it too. But, in all fairness doesn't Mili deserve even a few minutes? I mean these guys are pretty dead even in talent. We all like the fact that Stevens is a local guy...a decent local talent. But, he could have had a monster night tonight if he was a first tier tight end. In any case, a win is a win and he's in the league and none of us writing at this blog site are...

    There are a few UW players who have really blossomed in the NFL like Olin Kreutz, Lawer Milloy, and Corey Dillon. But, a lot of mediocure players and a few failures too (such as Steve Emtman). It would be nice to have a success story in Seattle, but, not at the expense of a more than capable back up in Mili. I would send Mili in sooner if Stevens has the same struggles on the road. We need every advantage that we can get next week.

    The good news is that we get to harrass a rookie QB in Cutler. He can't be ready yet. Shanahan will have to create a really simple, somewhat conservative game plan. Hopefully, our defense against the run will be stellar.

  4. Mili started the game and was ineffective. He also got blown up on one play and may have been shaken up. Good point on cutting Stevens some slack. He did miss a few games at the beginning of the year with knee issues, as well as a lot of the pre-season work outs. Hopefully he's on the upswing and not a downward spiral.

    Shannahan's plan after watching us play the 49ers is the ram the ball down the throats of our undersized defense. After seeing Matt and Shaun in action though, he may want to revise it just a tad!

  5. Mili went out with a concussion, BTW.