Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Return of The Other White Meat

According to Mike Sando Mike Holmgren has confirmed Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack as healed up and the starting LG Monday night vs. Oakland.

Naturally, this is assuming that he doesn't injure himself before then. Please, stuff him in a round rubber room with no sharp objects.

Note to Jessica and J-bag: See, Sims DID earn the backup role last week.

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  1. The only thing worse than a smartass who always thinks he's right, is one who rubs it in on the rare occasion that he is!!!

    I'm very surprised by this move, as Pork didn't impress at the start of the season, and I think the kids Sims and Spencer have been doing a good job in his absence.

    Of course, Holms is old school, so he's probably a "nobody loses his job do to injury" guy, so we'll have to see how long Mr. Chop can stay healthy this time. Hopefullly he'll open a feew holes for the running game while he's working on his next stint in rehab.

  2. So the thinking is Sims did earn the backup job? Over the Spence? I hope so, and I hope Porky can stay healthy until February.

  3. I'm pretty sure Sims won the job over Spence mainly because Spence is supposed to be the center of the future, so he wasn't really gonna keep the LG job in the first place. I liked how the line looked Sunday with sims at that spot at least in the passing game anyways, Mo is really sucking it up right now I knew he wasn't a beast or anything but his performance has been pathetic. Marquis Weeks, please report to the Seahawks backfield immediatly, it's your turn (hopefully).

  4. I think Gray needs to become a backup. Move over and let someone come in that can push the pile. Let him gain experience so he can become what Gray never will be.

    On another note-- some quotes on from Pork Chop:

    “You’ve got to have the attitude in life in dealing with adversity and just keep yourself up and focused,” Womack said. “If I’m not out there, then somebody else has to get it done. If I’m out there instead of somebody else, it’s my job to get it done. That’s the way I was taught to live my life. You have responsibilities and you do them; that goes for football and everything else. That’s what my mother taught me a long time ago, and I stick with it.

    “You can’t reflect on what happened, only prepare for today and the future. My goal was to come back stronger than ever and help this team win. I can’t go out there with the attitude, ‘I hope I don’t get hurt or nobody rolls up on me,’ I just go out and play.”