Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alan's D.O.G.: Week 12 vs Green Bay

It was a tale of two halves, and in the second half, Matt Hasselbeck showed his mentor why he's an elite quarterback in the league. In this week's episode we discuss what a bit of confidence can do for you, attack a marching band, and hand out a D.O.G.

Just not to Jerramy Stevens, because he'd drop it...

or would he?

Find out here.
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  1. Nice DOG Alan. All the drives in this game were dig-able. Guess it's just been a while since we saw a drive worth mentioning.

    Recommend putting some sort of lanyard on the DOG this week if Mr. Stevens is going to receive it, he can just wear it around his neck and not have to worry about dropping it...

  2. Nice idea about the lanyard, but usually corners aren't hitting the DOG recipient.

    He can catch the ball fine in the open field, just needs to learn to take a hit.

  3. Alan, see non-TD pass to his thigh on the Hass scramble. I guess you could say he didn't drop it since it didn't hit his hands, and he never made an effort to move his hands toward the ball. Although I agree, he was hit on 2 of his drops.

  4. Trying to catch the ball with your nuts is not a very smart thing to do, especially when it's cold as hell outside - yet Stevens tried it, and of course his nuts couldn't hold on to that ball either.

    Maybe he could try LOOKING AT MATT next time - that might help him catch it.

  5. Welcome back D.O.G.!!!!

    Great post and illustrations Alan.

  6. The Real Ben Davis, catcher11/28/2006 10:55:00 PM

    GIS & CTRL+Tab = The secret to a great post.