Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Knockout Pool: Week 12

Thanks to the Titans knocking out Donovan McNabb and the Eagles, all but three contenders were knocked out of the pool in Week 11.

Remember to get your picks in before game time if you want to pick a Turkey Day matchup. And in the spirit of the holiday, as you're enjoying this week's boxing-chick picture, conjuring mental images of things to be thanking her for, save some gratitude for TheBigO, who provided the jpg for this week.

Your pick must be submitted the day before the game, and if you don't submit a pick for a week you will be DQed. To submit your pick, either post it in the Comments section, or email me at albanyhawker@seahawkblue.com. I will post the picks in the Contenders link, along with the teams used each week.

Good luck!

This Week's Matchups

Contenders and Picks

Official Knock Out Pool Rules

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  1. Seahawks over Packers

  2. Since I got knocked out in Week 10, (and unofficially last week) all I have to say is, "THANK YOU THEBIGO!"

  3. Miami over Detroit................uhhhhh.....................okay,yeah.

  4. I'll take MINNY over ZONA.
    ...and matt over brett in passing, rushing, td's and playoff appearance.

  5. Congrats...everyone lives to see another week. (although it was touch and go there for awhile, ey, CalFan??!!)