Sunday, November 05, 2006

Road to the NFC Championship Runs Through _______

I know. Pretty much everyone has been saying Chicago at this point. Not that I blame them.

But I haven't given up on Seattle just yet, not with the best skill players due to return (eventually). Sure, right now the Bears are the stronger team, and they can definitely point to the scoreboard, the ultimate judge of strength. But with Miami, in the process of handing them their own poo-nanny, punking them in their own den, this tells me I should expect the NFC race to go all the way to week 17.


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  1. Three words: ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!

    Rex Grossman still hasn't played a full season in his short NFL career, and the Dolphins have proven (much to the chagrin of several KO pool contenders) that the Bears are very beatable.

    And, if last year taught us anything, it's not how you ENTER the playoffs that counts, it's how you FINISH them.

    Keep the current guys healthy, and look out NFL when the Seahawks get back to full strength.

  2. It definately is not over. Now that the Dolphins shocked the Bears - take a look at the schedules for the next 5 weeks.

    The Bears play @Giants, @Jets, @Patriots, Vikings, @Rams. Those will all be tough games - I think we've learned this season not to count the Jets out. And remember, the Viks played the Bears to a win by a field goal game back in week 3.

    The Seahawks on the other hand, play St. Louis, @San Fran, Green Bay, @Denver, @Arizona. With the exception of the Denver game, those should be a breeze. Should be. Those games should only serve as a practice run for the playoffs.

    The Bears should by all rights should be beat up by week 16 while we should be in good shape for a deep run.

    It will be a race to the finish, and yea the Bears hold the tiebreaker between us. And it has been a crazy NFL season so far, so we can't really count on any predictions. I haven't given up at all, the second half of the season is where the real teams step up and play - and we all know the Seahawks have a talented team, they know how to get there and get it done. I'm not worried.

  3. I guess a lot depends on when Shaun returns, and how long will it take him to get in sync with all his new blockers (or lack thereof).

  4. BTW, pirate, drop me an email if you are interested in contributorship.

    Same goes fo ranyone else that loves the Seahawks, and has an IQ over 5.

  5. 3 things the Bears game showed me.

    1. Seahawks aren't dead yet.

    2. There are a lot of pretenders in the league. Minny, NYG, Balt are some teams who really are benefitting from various incidents outside of actual skill. I still dont think the Bears are elite, either...and not after the Miami game. Make no mistake, if Seattle was full strength, id find it hard pressed to see any other NFC team actually better then them. They still have the best overall talent in the NFC, and probably in football. Just running into fluke monkey voodoo crap.

    3. WE'll be hearing it playoff time: The AFC is better than the NFC, blah blah blah.

    Bottom line is this, guys...

    I know there are several teams in the NFC with equal or better records than us, BUT...the only ones that matter are the division leaders. Atlanta has the same record, but they're pointless to look at given they are trailing NO and would end up a WC if the season ended today. I still think the HFA is not going to happen with Seattle, unless Chicago continues to prove they are overrated by losing games they 100% must win to prove elite. Problem is, the loss was intraconference, so it really doesn't hurt them in our cases.

    If we don't end up at 7-3 3 weeks from now, just forget HFA. First Round Bye is CLEARLY up for grabs. Should be entertaining. Pretty ironic when I made my predictions for the year, I put an asterisk in my SB picks saying 'BARRING INJURY'...and those two teams happened to get injury-plagued the most/worst.

    Btw...Pittsburgh getting handled by Denver. Thats the one thing keeping me sane this 2006 year. Freakin Seahawks (Refs, INJ, WTF?). Freaking Sonics (Refs, WTF?). Freaking Mariners (No DM?).

  6. Don't count us out yet. theres still a lot to be played and our schedule gets easier in the 2nd half. NFC East and South will beat up on each other. The Bears will lose a few more here and there as long as we stay on track and win the ones we are supposed to this race might be decided on week 17.

  7. Fluke Monkey Voodoo Crap11/05/2006 05:54:00 PM

    Nice to meet you!

  8. If it came down to the Giants or the Bears, where do you think we would do better against if we had to travel?

  9. Prolly the Giants. Match up better, just not as strong of a team.

    On the other hand, if Seattle gets their arms arounf the deep ball problem, the Bears may not be so bad. Grossman may dig his own grave.

  10. On the other other hand, we'll get so see them both on SNF next week...

  11. Grammar Police, for real11/05/2006 09:22:00 PM

    "Prolly" should be stricken from the record. It's bad enough that people pronounce the word that way, but typing it thus? Horrific!

  12. Grammar Convict11/05/2006 10:18:00 PM

    Mebbe it should be.

  13. Now you know what you can ask for from Santa, GP, FR.

  14. Every year, every year... When will you grant my request, Holma Claus?!

  15. If it wasn't for a complete collapse by the Tards a few weeks back the Bears have 2 losses. Rex Grossman makes some really bad decisions when he is under pressure. It seems that he is pretty much incapable of leading a comeback. If I was Lovie Smith (after cursing my parents for naming me Lovie) I'd take advantage of my great D and just have Rex play not to make the big mistake. Hey it got Trent Dilfer a Super Bowl ring.

    If the Hawks can get healthy down the stretch and pull it together on defense they have a real shot.

    They may have to win on the road, but that's what good teams do. If they want to be one of the elite teams they will have to prove it.

    It starts with a win tonight vs the Gayders.

  16. Tonights game is going to be even better, now that it looks like its going to be raining for the rest of the afternoon. I just went down to the stadium and the parking lot is a huge puddle - which isn't going to stop me from tailgating...if I don't get fired for not doing one bit of work today or for talking about the game or for bouncing off the walls because I am retarded excited.

    But for the Seahawks to make a statement, we need to win and it needs to be in a big way. We need a dominating game, one that is a statement all on its own - even if it is against the Raiders. Similar to what we did last year to Philly on a Monday night (even though they were McNabb-less and TO-less). It was the way we dominated that win that caught everyone's attention.

    If we win tonight in a close game, we'll be labled as a mediocre team destined to lose in the playoffs. If we dominate and win, then we'll be the talk of the NFL and we're "back". We need that big win.

  17. I couldn't agree more with you're sentiments, Sloth. I just don't see a complete blowout happening like last year's MNF with the struggles we've had. We were already rolling by then, it's just that no one else noticed. Even then Madden wasn't sure if "Seattle is a really good team, Philadelphia is a really bad team, or both."

  18. I have no fear - Deion with those neon green sticky gloves will catch anything that comes his way...even in the rain.

    And maybe the wetness will make MoMo slippery and he can slip and slide thru the defensive line for more than 3 yards a carry!

  19. "Same goes fo ranyone else that loves the Seahawks, and has an IQ over 5."

    Im glad I got that changed so Alba could join...

    Seriously though, on topic...the Seahawks probably (Merry Christmas GP) will not blow out Oakland tonight. Oakland's defense is average, despite its ranking, which is good enough to annoy backup QBs. They also can make plays on the ball, though unless they return it for 6, usually doesn't do too much.

    Honestly, I dont think we lose this game unless the refs pull a 'spilt milk' on us. If we're not at least 7-4 after the next 4 games, im gonna start worrying about this team. Until then, STILL the best team in football, on paper. Just because we're men down, and we're struggling, doesn't mean we cant cover you in paper cuts!

  20. Defense is really the key. The Hawks could've won last week had their defense been able to get off the field on third down. If they can turn that stat around they will win tonight. Seneca's looked decent at QB, and if they are truly opening up the scrambling game it should help against Oakland's good run defense. I also hope to see the neon green gloves raised heavenward in multiple soggy TD celebrations.

  21. Funny, ADP, I though the same thing when I read the IQ requirements!

    Not sure if it'll be a blowout or not, but I did dream the other night that we were leading 90-2 in the fourth quarter...REALLY I did dream that!

    (botched snap deep in our zone lead to the safety.)

  22. Even if Plackemeir (or Plakemeir or however its spelled) dropped a snap, he could still kick the damned ball without picking it for about 50 yards or so.

    That kid can boot it.