Wednesday, November 29, 2006


In light of the recent steroid debate heating up again thanks to Mark McGwire having the nerve to have his name on the Hall Of Fame ballot, and with our old rival meeting up with us once again...I find it fitting to introduce you to two big figures. One literally.

Meet Jay Cutler:

Yes, that, believe it or not, is the most famous of the Jay Cutlers.

Hes got pecks. Hes got arms. Hes got a good hair cut. Hes clearly not shy. But hes not Joe Tafoya. Or his twin brother, Craig Terrill.

Meet Jay Cutler Number Douche...Oops, I Mean Deuce:

Hes getting picks. Hes got two arms...ughhh ok not so much compared to the other guy. And his haircut is as uneven as Dennis Rodman. He may be a little shy cause he clearly hasn't gotten out enough to know that his haircut went out of style after Mo Howard retired from the Three Stooges. I couldn't look at him eye to eye...I know that much.

The former Jay I cant provide depth on. But with that physique you'd have to guess that there is some space to rent between his ears.

The latter Jay is someone who could be decent in his career. He has very good accuracy. His arm strength is enough for him to survive. Hes a very good thinker in the pocket. He has the leadership abilities and the confidence to have players feed off him. Hes tough and athletic. And has a good pocket presence. You must wonder why his college team sucked so much. Can he win in the big leagues?

The biggest problem for him standing in his way is the pressure of the playoff race, while running into a team that is poised to reclaim its throne.

Somewhere, in the great Northwest, someone is breathing heavy. Someone is out for blood. Someone wants him to fear them. The Seahawks. Are the Seahawks finally ready? Or was the last game part of the inconsistency? My thoughts are that this team is ready. Noone knew when they would come back. They were forgotten in the middle of the new powers rising. Does Denver know what they are getting into?

Hush hush.

Jay Cutler, meet the Seahawks---eye to eye.

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  1. Great Post Aye-Dee-Pee!

    The one thing you hear over and over from players is how much different the "speed of the game" is at this level. Hell, Hass took a couple of Quarters Monday night to re-acclimate himself to it.

    That being said, I think the young mophead Mr. Cutler is in for a big surprise on Sunday night. He may be wowing his team in practice, but to quote Allen Iverson, "we're talking about PRACTICE!"

    Not only will he have the eyes of the nation on him in the Sunday night spotlight game, but he'll have 7 hungry Seahawks breathing down his neck, and 4 more in the D-backfield ready to gobble up his mistakes.

    It is IMPERATIVE for our offense to get off to a good start and a quick lead so our defense can pin its ears back and do to Mr. Cutler the younger what the steriods have done to Mr. Cutler the elders liver and testicles!

  2. Yup, and you got the idea of this topic! Its the most off the wall preview post yet!

    I really really really think the Seahawks are ready after the 2nd half Monday.

    Our oline and overall blocking was amazing. Hass looked great aside the freak plays (and the nice catch by Al Harris whos becoming as popular as brussle sprouts around here). PLUS its prime know what that means with Shaun!

    It all relies on our defense, and turnovers. Last thing to do playing a young QB is give him confidence. The Raiders had a nice defense, but they aren't even close to Denver's. I feel Denver has the best in the league. (Sorry Bears, but using your helmet to tackle doesn't qualify with me...sorry Ravens, Hass made Ray Lewis look silly with pump fakes last time we met and got screwed).

    The good news is, no matter how many previews come out, its pretty obvious what the Seahawks need to do!

  3. The Seahawks offense will have to win this game as Denver has a great defense and horrible offense Cutler won't change that much.

    My key to this game is rush Alexander 40 times and see what happens.

    Jay Cutler he will make rookie mistakes no doubt about that but our offense has to score enough and hold the ball sustained drives on the offensive side of the ball is what makes this defense good.

    The best defense is a good offense and we have to be good on offense come Sunday show that the Seahawks are back beat a legit team on national t.v.

  4. That first Jay Cutler - he looks like he ate 400 ibs of diced carrots. WTF?

  5. I'm just happy somebody is making fun of his hair. Jay Cutler, a 1200 SAT scoring, D&D playing, Vandy grad douchenozzle.

  6. There's an other similarity that has yet to be pointed out, one of which is already painfully obvious, the other will be showcased this Sunday night: The Jay Cutlers both have very small genitalia.

  7. Welcome to the Street J.L.

    Are you a new comer or have you been lurking for awhile?

    How'd you come upon our fine blog?

    Good to have a new face around here.

    Go Seahawks!

  8. Hey alba, I used to post over at the P.I. message boards, but the feeding frenzy with all the cool guys like you and Irish mixed in with the trolls and just blithering retards grew a little tiresome. This Hawk fan is looking for a new nest to roost in, and I hope you'll guys have me. Gonna enjoy the game tonight, and maybe afterwards Cutler will wish he took as much steroids as his namesake does.