Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alba's Dark Angel Award: Week 10

She's Not Under Here - Keep Looking!This is the first live, on-site edition of Alba's Dark Angel Award, having enjoyed the game in person this Sunday. As as a tribute to the gaggle of seahawks fans from across North America, and England, that assembled for the game as part of the SeahawkBlue.com gathering, I'll be handing out an honorary Dark Angel Award this week to someone outside the Seahawks organization.

But first, to the game.

And what a game it was. As much as I would have liked to have warm weather and clear blue skies, since it was my first Seahawks home game experience at Qwest Field, I guess it's only appropriate that it be on a cloudy day with steady rain. Dark and omninous weather brought to you by the Angel of all angels! On the field, it seemed like every player on the 53 man roster eligible for this award, given to the player who steps up, or out of obscurity, to have a profound impack on the outcome of the game, was trying to out maneuvre each oher to come away with this week's trophy.

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  1. Not getting enough love on the fanhouse slut? Kelly Herndon would've been a nice choice, he did real well, but you are right, this is Nates award. I'd like to add an honerable mention, Lance Laury. He's the rookie LB ST guy that knocked Kaz on his butt, making me all but forget Kaz, cept on this play of course.

  2. No, just letting those of you who think AOL is the evil empire know that this just isn't another teaser post to a commercial message!

    I missed that de-cleater in live action, but saw it since reviewing the TiVo of the game. Definitely worth and honorable mention.

    Kind of like announcing to our former favorite Ivy Leaguer, "there's a new big dog on Seahawks Special teams....BEE-OCH!"

  3. BTW...no commentary on the hidden picture of Jessica, or the equally as lovely Mrs. HawkHeart?

  4. where's the hidden picture of Jessica? I'm not seeing it.
    So now that you've gotten me hooked on the hidden pics yor not gonna' start charging me are you?

  5. You dope! It's a link as plain as day--a rainy day...

  6. Anyway, I somehow missed the Kaz blast itself, but the TV broadcast later featured an extended sideline view of him vacuously sniffing about a canister of smelling salts, offering it to a trainer to test, then ineffectually snuffling it again. Funny stuff!

  7. How in the world did anyone miss the Jessica picture? Even someone as dumb as a Sloth found it.

  8. Ahhhhh........................