Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ten Random Thoughts on Seattle at San Franciso

Approximate reading time: 1:00.


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  1. Very good breakdown.

    We'll call this, the "Dave-keys of the Game", in honor of Monkey, and to a recent extent, Meezy.

    I would like to add a #11.

    11. The Seahawks will be introduced to a future headache, named Manny Lawson.

    -Manny Lawson was and is my pick for defensive rookie of the year...though I admit, I have no idea how well he is doing. Ive been paying attention to offensive rookies---like mid rounder Colston of the Saints---but have not been keeping up on the defensive side. For all I know, AJ Hawk could be dominating. Its what happens when you have to take a breather from following too heavy.

    It takes a lot for me to admit that, as I follow the 3 major sports very heavily, and not just one team. Im usually arrogant with what I say because I know im right half the time. (Thank God I said Sea Jax BARRING INJURIES in the Super Bowl...they've clearly been hit the hardest in the league).

  2. 12. Julian Peterson will be the X-factor tomorrow. If he plays like he is capable of, and the rest of the D can follow his lead, this game should turn out very well for the good guys.

  3. Meezy,

    I was interested in seeing how Lawson did this year myself, along with Parys Harrelson from Tennessee. I haven't read much about either player this year thus far, and it seems as though San Fran hasn't been able to generate much pass rush. That's a bit surprising.


    One would certainly look for a big game from Peterson. The key though will be limiting the damage Frank Gore does on 1st and 2nd down, and keeping Alex Smith in 3rd and long. That's where Peterson can really wreak havoc.

    dave--not trying to step on Monkey's toes :-)